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2 messages from Steve Hilgren re: Bimini in WI, Trygg land maps, etc.

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  • Susan
    Ancient Waterways friends, Because THe Ohio Rock (THOR)site, host/founder William Smith and the group are planning to publish collaborative research in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2008
      Ancient Waterways friends,

      Because THe Ohio Rock (THOR)site, host/founder William Smith and the
      group are planning to publish collaborative research in the very near
      future, membership to that site temporarily requires pre-approval via
      William. So rather than send direct links, I scanned and pasted posts
      below re: Herb's neck of the woods info from Ancient Vikings of
      America, host/founder, Steve Hilgren re: the "Bimini Road in
      Wisoonsin" post he wrote where he included the 1800's Trygg maps he'd
      mentioned earlier to the AWS group. (Sorry I suggested the misleading
      idea of the Bimini Road)

      After this, it would be co-dependent of me to keep pasting notes from
      other sites to ours, so I try to ask people to email some of you
      directly, or that they post to the site. I appreciate Herb, that you
      are sharing your investigation as much as you feel comfortable doing
      so at the Ancient Waterways Society group and protecting integrity of
      the physical site.

      From Steve Higren Re: [thor-thehuntersohiorock] Re: bimini road in
      wisconsin 1/15/08 6:37PM:

      susan..the maps are from the trygg land agency and grandson of the
      surveyor. there are 48 (2x2) maps and they are about $5 each. when all
      put together they cover all minnesota..wisconsin and michigan. these
      are from the mid 1800's and are uncluttered compared to newer maps...
      they have an amazing amount of info on them....my minnesota map alone
      is 6x8 and covers my office wall.

      these can be purchased over the phone after you check their site..
      they will send them to you and bill you for them ... they take about a
      week... ya you read that right...this is northern minnesota...

      the trygg agency is in ely minnesota,, here is a link..


      herbs road may be yet more clues to these early explorers or even from
      an even more ancient time too... when i found the records of an
      ancient ship sighting from a hundred years ago... i was very secretive
      and didn't share it with anyone for a few years but now i have come
      180 and welcome anyone and would be just joyous if some one found that
      ship or its treasure or anything that could lead to the next BIG
      breakthru to get this research into these pre-1492 explorers back on
      the front burner...

      thanks always

      --- In thor-thehuntersohiorock@yahoogroups.com, "hilgren"
      <hilgren@...> wrote:

      hi susan,, having lived in the barrens of wisconsin too,,, i was
      amazed with herbs new photos too. herbs road is a half days drive
      for me and if i have enough days in the season i have a few places to
      visit and explore along the border in wisconsin and superior(the
      51st state).. this is very intriguing and looks man-made? woow. if
      this is underwater now,,, was it then not before and the water has
      is this the ancient road to ohio and kentucky? any idea what kind of
      stone this is and tooo what kind of stone is the thor rock cut
      (is it a native stone or imported?)
      is this a road or a quarry?

      i was to carvers cave last summer and would like to revisit it this
      year too.. it has fallen into disrepair and is not accessible but
      with a new park being built along the river i am hoping that it will
      get some help and attention...

      keep me posted if you plan any ancient waterway or ancient viking
      explorations in my parts of the woods..

      Susan <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      Hi Steve, William, and all,

      Steve, I'd just written to Ancient Waterways friends about the water
      levels myself. I recall you'd mentioned a web site to the group last
      spring for Minnesota platt and other maps of each county in regard to
      host Minnesota Stan's possibly pre-Clovis site (he is actually from
      Wisconsin but has undeveloped land in MN). Will look for your map
      link soon as there is time, things have become so busy on my end.

      I am glad Herb intends for some time to keep the site to himself; I
      have received a dozen personal enotes from friends and newcomers.
      Many in regard to Herb's Ancient Wisconsin Copper Mining and his
      hauntingly beautiful new web site photos of amolous stone structures
      in a wilderness part of NW Wisconsin. I do hope some of you check out
      all of Herb's extremely well-designed web stes accessed via his home
      page. You may click into Herb's (Herbswoods)newest link showing the
      photos he is talking about via this post to the group that inspired
      considerable letters:


      If you get a chance on the link, there are also a couple of well put
      together posts from Mayan-descent (I believe), engineer Steve Garcia
      who is a longtime, close friend of Christopher Dunn and David
      HatcherChildress. He thinks Herb's "road" whatever it is looks more
      like man-made than the Bimini Road which I first suggested, and agree
      with Garcia.

      Most of you know my personal biases/preferences in seeking closer to
      the root/radish/radical roots of 'who we human beings really are...',
      hoping to find within our descendency(ies) nonviolent, less divisive
      or competitive peoples that early historical or even current times
      indicate. People more in tune to the environment, the heaven most
      don't realize within this creation that has always been...people
      close to nature, not so much bent on remaking Nature into our own
      image, which seems today to be increasingly quite a health hazard to
      all. As much fun as it is with all of the material prosperity which
      continues to evolve. What would we ever do without the Internet?

      Steve, William, and all...turn Spring, soon as several heavy feet of
      current snowcover have melted, Herb will continue his invistiagions
      and photography of these anomolous structures to see whether they are
      natural or man-made. I told them all I hope it goes way, way back to
      the earliest ancient copper trade w/perhaps to the legendary (to me
      very real) earliest Atlantian & Lemurian epochs. You all know I am
      looking for societal roots before humankind became divided by
      nationalism, religion/creed/scripture/sacrifical, wars, kingdoms and
      the heirarchy of nation-state, even schisms of tribal divisions.

      Lately have been on the Internet investigating the Iroquios and early
      Six Great Nations, their profound influence on the founding
      principles of the United States. "Return of the Bird Tribes" in
      another sense goes into the depts of ones mind and heart; Ken Carey
      has deeply inspired my life and the wisdom of the timeless "Bird
      Tribes" seems to incorporate the extremely ancient possibilities of
      quantum possiblities within human habitation Michael Cremo's
      investigations seem to suggest possible.

      A little more PR on my part here...
      William, I was just menitoning you and Rick briefly about Oopa Loopa
      Cafe programs-Michael Cremo and possibly John Anthony West to the
      Halls of Atlantis site. Also that I'd heard of them via Mike White
      and PreColumbian Inscriptions. The Thor group, Steve's and my groups
      are off-spring from there too. I recall, William, many conversations
      between you. Mike, and Paul Bader on PI before this site got started.
      And some of our involvement with Ancient American, AAAPF, the Great
      Pyramid of Giza Association, Chris Dunn, etc., my, how we all
      interconnect. I have many related others I haven't hooked up to you
      all yet. Group junkie that I am, my only role is informal
      interconnecting and helping with or attending any large or small
      (preferably simple and earthy, close-to-pristine Nature) gathering I
      hear about and can afford to travel to.

      Steve Hilgren and all,
      I will let you know of any gatherings. If you have activities that
      stretch way back before the Waybacks, keep me posted.
      Marion Dahm, though, said his latest reserach was going back 5000
      years and earlier and was just planning a trip to a northern Lake
      Superior area, Nippising was one. He'd asked me to set it up with
      Dr. Scherz, maybe Fred Ryhdolm or anyone who could help drive and in
      good shape enough for portaging. I know you were to be part of it if
      you could come back from Calif. at that time.

      Sorry for being long-winded, William and all, and maybe not directly
      addressing current THOR group interests. I was double-shifting a
      Hospice patient for three weeks without a day off; she passed on
      the other day and left me with an unexpected few days off to attend
      to diffusionist "interconnecting" matters I enjoy doing and home

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