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Jonathan Carver, Totagotic River writings? Mystical Superior-51st state

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  • Susan
    Herb and All, I just finished reading Herb Wagner s well-researched article from #75 issue of Ancient American Magazine (Originally published in Wisconsin
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2008
      Herb and All,

      I just finished reading Herb Wagner's well-researched article from
      #75 issue of Ancient American Magazine (Originally published in
      Wisconsin Outdoor Journal). My auto mechanic saw the magazine on the
      back window and I need to get back my only copy and read it again
      several times before commenting more on the excellent article. What a
      breathtaking field trip or magnificant mini meeting it would be in
      that part of the country! Hope you can smell future campfire stew
      and homemade frycakes wafting into your imagination, Herb, hint hint..

      Looks like you have done extensive work on Jonathan Carver. Steve
      Hilgren from the Ancient Vikings group, other researchers, and I have
      done some research on Carver...a necessity for studying ancient
      waterways, esp. Missippian and Great Lakes.

      I sent the following Journals of Carver link to this group a couple
      of years ago in regard to St. Anthony Falls-Mississippi River, later
      Minneapolis-St. Paul , Carver's Cave on Mound St. in St. Paul, etc.
      Now would like to know web sites or references to Carver's possible
      exploration w/maps of the Totogatic (Totagatic) River your web site
      refers to. At the end of this message I shall also enclose Herb's
      web page...please click around to his many beautiful photos,
      sometimes very witty-funny comments (bottom of Totagotic River page),
      and inspiring thoughts. Especially if any of you are ever headed in
      the region of that part of the country. I week visiting the area
      might not even cover much of it.

      Journals of Carver, mid 1700's):


      There were no results in a Search of Totagotic/Totogatic. Is there an
      older name? Has it changed course/depth since then?.

      I lived many years in Ironwood, frequented Ashland-Bayfield in my
      teens, resided in Duluth-Superior a short time but long before an
      interest in ancient history, geography/geology, diffusionist
      possibilities. Was an avid fly fisherman during the 60's but not
      west of the Bad River reservation.

      A long obsession with Upper Peninsula of Michigan copper I'd
      associated with Isle Royale, Keweenaw, Ontanogan Counties, and
      northern coastal Lake Superior in Canada. Herb's research and article
      was so convincing I will always include Wisconsin, even perhaps NE

      As an aside, through the years, for travel money and to pay back
      people who lodged/fed me in travels up north, I had 1000 bronze-
      colored bumper stickers made up with a logo of Isle Royale & the UP,
      Lake Superior, a long band of aboriginal peoples across the bottom,
      and inscription: "Superior-51st State-Where the Bronze Age Began".
      During the 1960's, my dad was president of the UP Tourist
      association. Because of a growing dissatisfaction of many perceiving
      their areas as not receiving much tourism money from their state
      capitals (Lansing and Madison), a large group of business leaders
      lobbied together for several years. They represented not only most
      of Upper Michigan but a long segment of Northern Wisconsin, from
      Bayfield-Ashland and south toward Minocqua, WI. The movement was to
      come together to form a new state called Superior. Their bright blue
      bumper stickers, "Superior-51st State" are collector's items.

      Forty years later, as a post-motrum tribute to these fellows and my
      father--and to advertise the ancient, global Copper Culture trade via
      intercontinental waters, I had 1000 bronze-colored commemorative
      bumper stickers made-"Superior, 51st State", but with the addition
      of, "Where the Bronze Age Began". Herb, the 51st State of Superior
      coincidently includes the entire Wisconsin Copper Country areas and
      counties you suggest in your article.

      Perhaps all of us associated with ancient copper culture trade,
      especially aboriginal peoples long ago removed from that great, still-
      wilderness territory. Regardless of where we reside now, and the
      lobbying is long past, perhaps in our eplorations along ancient
      global waterways there, we can include ourselves as residing in
      the great and ancient realm, 51st state called "Superior".

      M. Susan English
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