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inquiry from Steve Hilgren re: Minnesota waters, mounds

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  • Susan
    Stan, Herb, and All, Finally have a computer again. Post #2783 of 2783 scanned and pasted below is from the Thor the Hunter s Ohio Rock message group (Wm.
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      Stan, Herb, and All,

      Finally have a computer again.

      Post #2783 of 2783 scanned and pasted below is from the Thor the
      Hunter's Ohio Rock message group (Wm. Smith, host). The message is
      from Steve Hilgren w/mention of our host, Stan, and Sparky (Mike
      White). Steve may believe you reside in Minnesota because of your
      Screen Name "MinnesotaStan". Nevertheless, perhaps you, Herb W. in NE
      Minnesota, or others in this group might be familiar with the
      Minnesota water routes and medicine wheel Steve has been researching.
      I can barely find my way by Mapquest to Mpls.

      So many groups are similar and also doing a good job also of
      addressing 'ancient waterways'. Please feel free to respond to
      Steve, Wm. and the Thor group via their web site below. It is a group
      I have been affiliated with since its origins.
      Thor group:

      "hi susan,,, this may be a bit more up your alley or waterway?

      last spring from a stan conversation with sparky i found the savanna
      portage and the ancient water route across minnesota and down the
      chippewa river(the minnesota chippewa).
      my hypothesis was that holland had just not looked far enough...
      i followed the chippewa to its source in fish lake and went looking
      for a mooring stone... found the first one before i got out of the
      car... and then another on the same lake...

      when traveling the 2 mile portage to the leif river i encountered a
      mound on a hill... i was looking for a ship and found what may be a
      medicine wheel... i think marion and holland missed this one... found
      another mooring stone a few miles up the leaf to the east of the hill

      i don,t know much about medicine wheels but we dowsed the hill and
      found spokes and rings and possible boulder alinements.

      in the event you have others who have a few more clues than i do or
      you wish to advise the minnasota man...

      i hope to do more tests on this mound come spring...



      In thor-thehuntersohiorock@yahoogroups.com, "Susan"
      <beldingenglish@...> wrote:

      William, Steve, and All,

      I've been away much of the time from home and computer (desktop kaput
      since summer), plus volunteering via Red Cross disaster healthcare
      team out West and OK/MO/KS ice storm. Now am in Madison for the
      holiday, working way home. A shiney new laptop sits under the
      Christmas tree back home, so soon will catchup on the avalanche of
      letters and progress at this site since the conference.

      My role in this work is as an occasional interconnector and I saw the
      post yesterday re: William Connor. A note received from him a few
      weeks prior to the Ohio AAAPF conference, the former president of
      Midwest Epigraphic Society wrote he'd have liked to attend/speak at
      the conference but, if I recall correctly, needed to be present for
      the bat mitzvah of a granddaughter or niece out East.

      First I'd heard of William Connor was many years ago via this link
      while searching for early copper smelting in N. America. Click
      Connor's Mysterious Furnaces link Wm Smith mentioned bottom of this
      site. Mallory Steve mentioned in discussed in both links:


      Amazing synergy going on here as dozens of you continue with your
      cooperative, ongoing activities here. Way over my head, I can only
      hope to get a grasp of some of it.

      M. Susan English

      --- In thor-thehuntersohiorock@yahoogroups.com, william smith
      <wmsmithrock1@> wrote:

      Hi Steve
      Yes I have heard of William Connor.He has been exploring many
      ancent smelting sites in the mid west. You can find some of his work
      in Ancient American Magazine. If I recall he found a metal smelting
      furnace and some very old molds for making axes. I also remember of
      some work he performed at the Spruce Hill site in Ohio. I do not
      recall his work directly relating to the Vikings. I think he is a
      member of the Midwest Epigraphic Society.
      best regards

      hilgren <hilgren@> wrote:
      william,,,the photo has no description...it is from the
      late 1400,s...
      here are more of his works:


      i just was googling ancient vikings in america and this came up... is
      it some place you have heard of or do you maybe even know this guy



      by William Conner of Columbus, Ohio.

      In 1963, Arlington Mallery was still remembered locally as the amateur
      archaeologist who claimed that the Norse had built and operated iron
      smelting furnaces in Ross County, Ohio long before Columbus discovered
      America. Beginning in 1949, and continuing for several years,
      newspapers ran stories about Mallery and his "Viking furnaces." In his
      1951 book, Lost America, Mallery classified the Overly furnace and
      several similar Ross County pit furnaces he investigated as "Nordic"
      or "Celtic" for their resemblance to ancient Old World pit smelters.
      He said his evidence "points to the Norse of Greenland" as those
      responsible for the furnaces, declared that the furnaces were
      "pre-Columbian," and were certainly the work of visitors from the Old
      World, if not the Norsemen themselves.
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