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Before and After the Light Show

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  • Rick Osmon
    Hello Loopers! In this issue: This Week s Show: Michael Cremo s Forbidden Archeology Op/Ed: Light show Other news: Reindeer: it s what was for dinner in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2007
      Hello Loopers!
      In this issue:
      This Week's Show Michael Cremo's Forbidden Archeology
      Op/Ed: Light show
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      This Week's Show: 
      Michael Cremo is one of the best known figures in both conventional and unconventional archeology. His work quality is exemplary as his conclusions are unarguable. This promises to be one of the best OLC segments to date!! Cremo is an author and researcher specializing in the history and philosophy of science. His persistent investigation during the eight years of writing Forbidden Archeology documented a major scientific cover-up, making him a world authority on archaeological anomalies regarding human antiquity and assured he would be villified in the eyes of dogmatic acedemia.
      Please tune in .  Please call in. Michael has answers this Thursday at 9 Eastern.
      Before and After the Light Show
      Last night would have been a great time to have clear skies. That didn't happen here at the Possum Holler Studios or I would have been out looking at the sky. It was cloudy on the day of the winter solstice, too. But last night was special: The full moon, if I could have seen it more than an hour before sunrise, hung directly over (occulted) Mars in a display that is really a once in a lifetime occurance, given the odds of having clear skies here to veiw it...  
      What has that to do with out of place artifacts and diffusion theory? Ancient people would have observed that rare display the world over, well, for this one, throughout the New World, and probably made note of it in a petroglyph somewhere. We know, or at least we surmise, also that they veiwed comets as being signs of terrifying times ahead and there are several mentions in the ancient texts of the planets "misbehaving" and moving in random fashion. Velikovsky expounded on this in his work Worlds in Collision to argue that Mars' orbit was so perturbed at one time in human memory that it passed very close to or even touched Earth. Velikovsky's work has also inspired others to refine the theory to the point that they are having an impact on the mother of all science, cosmology. (Electric Universe)
      Very similar symbols recurring in petroglyphs all over the globe led Velikovsky and the authors of the Electric Universe, Talbott and Thornhill, to conclude that all the ancient peoples observed the same celestial event and commemmorated it in stone. Velikovsky thought it was a comet and the others think it was a plasma induced electrical discharge, They may all be correct, but that's too involved to explain here.
      Still, what has that to do with oopa and diffusion theory? Well, the universal nature of the symbology would indicate to some a world spanning culture using the same symbols and would therefore be evidence of cultural diffusion. To the others, it represents the use of extremely similar symbols by isolated cultures to depict a global event. I think both diffusion and the postulated global event are true and I wish to use that premise to set up a "what if". What if, instead of commemorating the celestial event, those symbols, representing a time which was known universally, were used to date other events which are the actual subject of memorialization? The symbols cited by Velikovsky, Talbott, and Thornhill are very rarely found isolated, but rather are almost always associated with other enigmatic symbols. In other words, I offer the hypothesis that the other symbols are modifers denoting how long before or after the celestial event was the memorialized event. So if the celestial event were a cometary impact as hypothesized this past summer, then the string of symbols might say something like "Before the comet hit and killed them all, we were many and we hunted mammoth and wooly rhinos, but after it hit, we were few and we hunted bison and deer and fished and we no longer needed nor knew how to make the extremely fine projectile points.."
      Now, it just so happens that several scientifically-dated events converge or coincide at, around, or very near the same time, the so-called Younger-Dryas Event:
      • The supposed cometary strike
      • Mass extinctions of megafuana (and NOT just in the Americas, but that's another story)
      • Disapperance of Clovis point technology and emergence of Redstone points
      • Youngest calculated date for Haplogroup X founder migration to the New World
      And this non-scientifacally-dated event:
      • Destruction of Plato's Atlantis
      And if Al Goodyear is correct in his dating of charcoal at the Topper site, man had already been in the Americas for some forty thousand years before that comet impacted some twelve thousand to thirteen thousnd years ago. With that long an occupation and such a universal event as a cometary impact to use as a time marker, doesn't it just make sense to use that event as a divider? Much the same as we use the birth of Christ to divide the ages, ancient man may have used the massively destructive and earth altering event to demarkate the ages of "before and after".
      So, to those Loopers who work to decode ancient synbols, I hope this helps. If it doesn't pan out, well, at least I tried to contribute...
      Although it would have been horrible to endure both the impact and the the aftermath, imagine the light show of that impact!!
      Other news: 
      Ancient find in Montana - 23 hr agoArchaeologist Stephen Aaberg was surprised with the results of radiocarbon dating tests just completed on samples taken from trenches dug in Alkali Creek (Montana, USA) last summer. The sample that... Bronze Age blow to windfarms in Cumbria - 23 hr agoControversial windfarm plans could be blown away after Bronze Age remains were found at a Cumbrian site (England). West Coast Energy has applied to build nine 335ft-high wind turbines at... Reindeer: it's what was for dinner in prehistory - 23 hr agoReindeer meat went from being an occasional treat to everyday fare among prehistoric cavemen who lived in Southwest France and what is now the Czech Republic, two new studies suggest.... Historian's race to preserve ancient Scottish site - 23 hr agoLocal historian Alan Brydon has been instrumental in protecting a site of significant archaeological importance which dates back thousands of years. The ancient site at Midshiels (about 4km SW from... Swiss, EBay stop sale of 4,000-year-old Iraqi treasure - 23 hr ago
      Last week's show:
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