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Pre-Columbian Turkey Day

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  • Rick Osmon
    Hello Loopers! In this issue: This Week s Show: Pre-Columbian Turkey Day Op/Ed: Salvers Other news: Ancient jade study sheds light on sea trade Events:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2007
      Hello Loopers!
      In this issue:
      This Week's Show Pre-Columbian Turkey Day
      Op/Ed: Salvers
      Events: Ancient Kentucke Historical Association
      Last week's show:  Open Lines
      This Week's Show:  Pre-Columbian Turkey Day
      Why did the the chicken cross the pacific? To beat Columbus to the Americas! A quick search indicates the many news blurbs and blogs that have come about since the announcement last June of DNA analysis of chicken bones found in Chile. This DNA proved that the chickens originated in Polynesia and associated Carbon 14 testing proved they were in Chile a century before Columbus arrived in the East Indies. In this segment, I will examine why those chickens crossed the Pacific.
      Of course, some of us prefer ham over fowl for our feast, so I'll also discuss trans-Pacific pigs.
      Please tune in Thanksgiving Night at 9 PM Eastern (yes, I know, I'm up against both football and The Incredibles)
      Op/Ed: Salvers vs. the World
      The recent case of Spain vs. The Odyssey is merely the latest newsworthy case and the tip of the iceberg as far as governments' heavy-handedness with regard to salvage laws. The millennia-old legal premise of "finders keepers" in marine salvage law was swept aside by the stroke of a pen in 1988 with the passage of the Abandoned Shipwreck Act. The individual cases that led to this were often quite complex, but the laws used to be in favor of the recoverer. Now, the law only benefits the government(s). A very illuminating piece about the whole mess can be read at
      "PETER E. HESS, Esq. of Wilmington, Delaware, has been an avid wreck diver for twenty years and is an admiralty lawyer with particular expertise in historic shipwreck and aircraft salvage litigation. He represented John Moyer in winning ownership of the Andrea Doria mosaics, Harry Zych is his ongoing confrontation with the State of Illinois and Gary Gentile in a successful eight year legal battle with the federal government that opened the shipwreck of the U.S.S. Monitor to the diving public that owns it. He later joined his clients on the expeditions to explore these shipwrecks. He remains firmly committed to protecting the rights of divers and salvers, both domestically in the United States and through the preservation of existing international law as well. He is on the Board of Directors of the Explorers Club."
      Basically, with that Abandoned Shipwreck Act, American salvers have been relegated to contract work only, with no rights to open salvage. This is in stark contrast to a couple thousand years of maritime legal history (Admiralty Law) and for no other reason than greed, both on the part of government and academia (in this debate, the two are inextricably combined). Now, the same group of legal eagles that spawned the Abandoned Shipwreck Act are formulating a similar piece of legislation for the United Nations, laying claim to all wrecks worldwide.
      Academia is jealous of the monetary resources and the technology it buys being brought to bear by commercial salvers. They would prefer to have exclusive rights to recover artifacts (and treasure) and use public funds to do it. The salvers at least use their own money -- in the millions. What the salvers present to academia as far as information  and artifacts is usually donated freely to academia and the salvers used to be very cooperative and generous on that count. How many doubloons or pieces of eight does a museum need for display?
      Mel Fisher's team eventually found the wreck of the Atochia by researching public records in Madrid more than through search and survey methods. The location was in those records for centuries, but until Mel, nobody expended the resources to recover the wreck or its contents. He eventually won legal possession of the contents of the wreck in a case against the State of Florida based on long-standing Admiralty Law.
      The government and academia have become the "valley people" of the song One Tin Soldier
      Other news: 
      "Noah's flood" spread farming, researchers say:
      A prehistoric deluge -- controversially linked to
      ancient flood myths -- kick-started European
      agriculture, a study claims.


      Ancient jade study sheds light on sea trade By Tan Ee Lyn Mon Nov 19, 5:06 PM ET


      Prehistoric women had passion for fashion By Ljilja Cvekic Sun Nov 11, 10:38 PM ET

      Jocko fire exposes artifacts  By KIM BRIGGEMAN, Missoulian
      Bronze Age barrow found in North Yorkshire - 2 days ago The first evidence of a Bronze Age settlement in Dewsbury has been uncovered at a sewage works in Earlsheaton (North Yorkshire, England). The dig, which is being carried out at... Theory explains the fall of ancient Argaric people - 2 days ago One of Western Europe's earliest known urban societies may have sown the seeds of its own downfall, a study suggests. Mystery surrounded the fall of the Bronze Age Argaric people... Dig reveals 3,000 year old Vietnamese artifacts - 2 days ago Archaeologists have unearthed hundreds of stone and earthenware artifacts believed to be nearly 3,000 years old on the Sa Huynh culture on the An Hai islet on the Con Dao... Tides turn up child's Bronze Age remains - 2 days ago High tides and winds that have battered the Northumberland coast (England) served up a burial mystery for archaeologists. Erosion by the sea and weather has revealed what seems to be... Cocoa used as early as 1000 BCE - 2 days ago
      China Builds Underwater Museum Around Shipwreck - AHN - 3 hr agoChina Builds Underwater Museum Around Shipwreck AHN - 3 hours ago "We've estimated the ship to contain a total of 60000 to 80000 pieces of treasure," Wei Jun, director of the Guangdong P... MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "www.pr-inside.com" claiming to be Hydroid Awarded Contract from Underwater Archaeology and ... - PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung) - 1 hr ago
      Events: Ancient Kentucke Historical Association
      November 24, 200 Saturday               Falls of theOhio             The Vikings in N A    
      Last week's show:  Open Lines
      William Smith and I discussed whatever came to mind.
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