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Re: Post-Ohio/Ft. Ancient conference '07

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  • Rick Osmon
    Suz Did you go to Blue Springs Caverns? Marengo Caves? Both those have underground waterways and blind fish. And both are close to Pat s place. Glad you
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 17 8:00 AM

      Did you go to Blue Springs Caverns? Marengo Caves? Both those have
      underground waterways and "blind" fish. And both are close to Pat's place.

      Glad you enjoyed your trip.

      The one question you forgot to ask around Olney was if anybody
      remembered Jack Ward...


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan"
      <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > All here,
      > Am still on the road since the early October conference near Ft.
      > Ancient, Ohio. I followed major riverways through Illinois to Starved
      > Rock and related mounds last Friday. Haven't a portable computer and
      > Internet time nearly expired, so am send a copy of a rather lengthy
      > update to the THOR/Ohio Rock site.
      > Just to keep you posted... Some of this note relates to ancient
      > waterways. Susan
      > All (I hesitate to mention other names with so many
      > dedicated Thor members, committee members, and presenters from this
      > site greatly involved in the three day conference).
      > What a fine conference it was and I look forward to the next. Since I
      > was mainly at the back of the room doing reservations and raffle
      > tickets, I missed many of the speakers and will probably be purchasing
      > tapes of the conference.
      > In my work, I like to introduce the work of many of you and
      > occasionally show DVD's or video segments at meetings such as Ancient
      > Earthworks Society on the UW Wisconsin-Madison campus. Hopefully the
      > THOR group will have another conference (or smaller 'symposium' and/or
      > informal, roll-up-your-sleeves workshops (my preference) of your own
      > in Ohio. And participate with groups again such as MES, AAAPF, the
      > Kentucky group, Lee Pennington's friends in Tennessee, Zena, Ida, and
      > others on the East Coast...and other groups Hope another conference
      > will be held again near the Ohio River in Ky, Indiana, or Illinois.
      > Which I followed for a couple of days after the conference....
      > After saying goodbye to my roommates Pam and Oedith Sunday afternoon,
      > I drove south and ran into AAAPF and THOR friends touring the Serpent
      > Mounds, saw John leaving to head eastward before returning out west.
      > I decided to head south, maybe follow the Ohio River en route back to
      > N. Wisconsin. Though water routes worldwide have drastically
      > changed/been altered through the millinnea, I like to travel/mingle
      > with diverse others as ancients did in and along riverways, especially
      > intercontinental waterways and territory new to me, as was the case
      > through SW Ohio, Kentucky, S. Indiana and Illinois. After camping in
      > N. Kentucky then back slong the Ohio River, found a little boat tour
      > underground through part of a 22 mile cave which had white fish and
      > crawdads, bats...probably not too far from Rick Osman's home in SW
      > Indiana. Then over to Olney, Illinois (famous for white squirrels
      > w/black eyes) to interview residents to see if I can make any sense of
      > the alleged 'Burrows Cave'. Oddly, at a coffeehouse and several gas
      > stations, no one had heard the term nor any reference of such a cave,
      > but a middle aged woman from a taco restaurant gave directions to a
      > 'cave full of dead bodies' on private property several miles from
      > there she had seen as a child. When I reached the end of the road
      > leading to where she told me, I was seriously warned by a local man
      > working there not to mess around in places where I do not belong...
      > property dotted with small, operational oil dereks . Likely the
      > alleged caveful of dead bodies would not have been associated with
      > 'Burrows Cave', and much intrigue associated with all of these
      > stories, I did learn for a fact that there are countless caves, many
      > unexplored, throughout hundreds of miles of rugged hills in the
      > several-state region. Rain and nightfall were descending and I had to
      > drive northward but realized that evening my disinterest in ever
      > wishing to disturb burial sites of any sort. And...should a Burrows
      > Cave exist that is or would produce an unimaginable wealth of
      > artifacts, possibly even burials, I do not want to be directly
      > involved, especially if/when such 'treasures' surface/resurface.
      > I am mildly acquainted with Russell Burrows...met him late 80's or
      > early 90's sitting at a conference table next to me in the mountains
      > of Utah. I got to know him personally a couple of years ago and will
      > remain greatful for his very kindly making an initial call to me the
      > night before I left for a month of so of volunteer work in New Orleans
      > he'd learned about via the Internet. He also made several daytime
      > calls to my cellphone when I was alone doing 'street nursing' and
      > spending ten to twelve hours gutting homes with kids less than half my
      > age in flooded New Orleans wards. I had just turned sixty, perhaps was
      > trying to show my family I was not over the hill. Not an easy time
      > and phone calls/emails from many of you were immensely appreciated.
      > I bring up Russell Burrows' name here because last week after the
      > conference was my first (brief) visit through Olney, Illinois and the
      > Embarrass and Little Wabash Rivers. I have known Wayne/Chris May,
      > Frank/Laura Joseph, assisted with their conferences out West, and been
      > a subscriber to Ancient American a decade and a half. Yet still can't
      > get a grasp on a Burrows Cave. From his now-Colorado home, Russell
      > told me twice that had he known the ruckus that was to have taken
      > place the two decades since his fall into 'Burrows Cave', he would
      > have walked away from it and not looked back.
      > Another research friend who called several times when I was in
      > Louisiana is John White of MES. The conference provided fine
      > opportunity for me to express my appreciation in person for the
      > sometimes two or three extra 'coffee' breaks a day such calls afforded
      > me, to go off-site. John told me last week something of the
      > seriousness of his efforts and associations...that in his work and
      > associations relating to his work, that he avoids anything he
      > considers "entertainment". I agree with John and feel it has less to
      > do with age than with the seriousness of the times and subject matter.
      > These relationships we have with each and new insights we learn along
      > the way are some of the benefits of knowing you in this serious
      > 'business' of broad field diffusionist volunteer work. Thank you all.
      > Today, October 16th I am still on the road...now in Madison,
      > Wisconsin, went on the road two days before the conference officially
      > started. That Wednesday prior (at 6AM), I'd found William flea
      > marketing at a large farm in Eastern Indiana and doing a considerable
      > amount of verbal PR work and conference flyer distribution at the
      > market, auction, and restaurant. Being a vendor myself now that I am
      > semi-retired, en route to the conference I arrived at the 'farm'
      > market before midnight Tuesday and set up a few tables myself to pay
      > travel expenses down and back. I wish William's flea market associate,
      > Gaylord, a speedy recovery and hope to meet him at a future meeting or
      > conference.
      > Prior to the conference, I couldn't get William's Ohio Rock DVD from
      > the 2006 conference to work so played "They All Came to America" at an
      > earlier meeting in Madison. I plan to show "PreColumbian" tapes from
      > the back room of one of the nation's largest rock shops again next
      > summer at their annual outdoor People's Festival in Allouez/Mohawk,
      > Michigan. AAAPF board members Judy Johnson and Patt Hendrickson will
      > be co-hosting their own Peoples Festival 100 miles west of there one
      > week prior and I may also find opportunities to show tapes of various
      > speakers. Excellent way for newcomers to learn of events and ongoing
      > research such as goes on at sites such as this, PreColumbian
      > Inscriptions, Ancient Waterways Society...
      > William, I've not seen your DVD; remind me to exchange this one for
      > DVD's you distributed to the 2005 and 2006 conferences. I do believe
      > you, Rick, Charles, Pam and others could put together a fine tape on
      > your progress so far on ancient navigation. As I see from posts the
      > past day or two to the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association
      > Message Board, Dr. John the director, Steve, the host and others are
      > showing interest in some of the work discussed collectively here at
      > the THOR site.
      > I thoroughly enjoy each of your letters to this site. Best regards to
      > all and thank you for including me in your ongoing efforts. Keep me
      > posted on other activities of related assiations around the country
      > and I shall try to attend, help where needed.
      > M. Susan English
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