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Happy Explorers' Day

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  • Rick Osmon
    Bacause the Yahoo lists don t universally accept html and graphics, I assembled a List edition of the OLC Newsletter without those features.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007
      Bacause the Yahoo lists don't universally accept html and graphics, I assembled a "List edition" of the OLC Newsletter without those features.
      Hello Loopers!!
      In this issue:
      This Week's Show. Live from Roberts Centre
      Op/Ed: Why just Chris?
      Other news: Slim Pickins
      Last week's show: Charles Mattox
      Upcoming Shows
      This Week's Show
      Well, it's here! The 2007 AAAPF Conference is upon us. The Oopa Loopa Cafe will conduct this week's show LIVE from Roberts Centre, Wilmington, Ohio.
      The conference program is full of interesting subject matter and speakers. I've copied the speaker profiles below (thanks to Pam Giese) and it promises to be the best conference yet. All the topics relate in one way or another to diffusionism (and so does the premiere Op/Ed piece -- see below). As you can see, the roster is extensive. I hope all of you who can't make it to the conference in person can at least listen in on the fun we have this Thursday night at 9 Eastern.
      I'm almost done packing...

      AAAPF 2007 Conference

                          Speaker Profiles



      Jack Burgess, M.A.

      Author, Researcher, Teacher


      Topic:  Diffusionism --How did all this stuff get on both sides of the ocean?


      Contact:  4burgess@...


      Website:  http://www.midwesternepigraphic.org/


      Burgess is the proverbial Jack of all trades, having been a soldier, teacher, labor relations practitioner (for both labor and management), public relations writer, columnist, and poet.  He is a Fellow of the Midwestern Epigraphic Society, and has published several articles and poems in the society journals.  He has taught history, English, and journalism in the public schools.  His columns on government, politics, and lifestyles appear regularly in the Chillicothe Gazette.  He has personally visited and explored many early sites in North America and in Europe. 


      His most recent publications have been reviews of a book by Hugh Fox, Home of the Gods, and an article in The New Yorker “The Lost City of Z” by David Grann.  Both reviews reflect Burgess’ continuing interest in South America.  He is currently working on a chapbook of poems titled, it’s Always Gettysburg, and a book, Reform Schools:  The Education of Jack, a Retrospective.



      Charles Bruns



      Topic:  Megaliths of Minnesota Arrowhead and Laurention Divide


      Contact:  charbruns@...


      Website:  http://www.savageart.com

      Charles Bruns writes about Minnesota's Arrowhead region and the north shore of Lake Superior.  Growing up on a farm outside Duluth he tickled brook trout as a child and wandered the hills and fields in search of his echo. He always wanted to write, but early attempts did not have the depth he knew was possible.  Putting down his pen to search out life he tended bar, sold on the black market, and wandered the western half of the United states.  Living in San Francisco, Phoenix, and New Orleans gave him a feeling for this nation but all roads led back to the land where he grew up.  Working for the state fisheries he began writing again, crafting poems about his surroundings while they happened, directly recording the input of his senses.  Joining other writers to review his work and taking seminars from established authors gave him the confidence to write stories and publish.  Young writers in Duluth coffeehouses challenged him to write the truth about what happened in his life.  Here are the stories of a hippie who came out of the woods.   He currently is doing research on a Neolithic site near his home.

      His latest book is a collection of poems entitled Odd Spot and another entitled Odd Fish.


      Glenn DeVlaminck

      Archaeological Field Tech


      Topic:  Earn Credibility w/ Basic Archaeological Field Techniques


      Website: http://www.idigstonesandbones.com/Scripts/default.asp

      Christopher Dunn

      Engineer, Author


      Topic:  Egyptian Connections to Ancient America


      Contact: cdunn1546@... 

      Website:  http://www.gizapower.com/



      Christopher Dunn has an extensive background as a master craftsman, starting as an apprentice at an engineering company in his hometown of Manchester, England. Recruited by an American aerospace company, he immigrated to the United States in 1969. Beginning as a skilled machinist and toolmaker, he has worked at almost every level of high-tech manufacturing from building to operating high-powered industrial lasers, including the position of Project Engineer and Laser Operations Manager at Danville Metal Stamping, a Midwest aerospace manufacturer. He is now a senior manager with that company.

      Dunn's pyramid odyssey began in 1977 when he read Peter Tompkins' book Secrets of the Great Pyramid. His immediate reaction to the Giza Pyramid's schematics was that this edifice was a gigantic machine.

      Discovering the purpose of this machine involved a process of reverse engineering that has taken over 24 years of research.




      Dr. Hugh Fox 

      Professor Retired, Michigan State University


      Topic:  Phoenicians & Ancient Sumerians in S. America


      Contact: hughfoxy@...

      From a lifetime of writing and digging in university libraries, Hugh Fox has distilled his theories into one readable volume. Through example after example, he shows the links between the old world of the Indus Valley and the New World of Peru and Mexico in order to prove that explorations of these lands pre-date Columbus by centuries. Using linguistic tools, an analysis of pottery, comparison of common myths, and the similarities in astrological beliefs, Fox draws the reader to the same conclusions. Born in Chicago, 1932, B.S. (Hum.) and M.A. from Loyola U.in Chicago, Ph.D. from the U. of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign).  Dr. Fox has taught and researched at universities in both North and South America. Publications:

       Rediscovering America , World Audience, 2007.
       The Home  of the Gods , Galde Press, 2005.
       The Book of Ancient Revelations , EcceNova in B.C.,  Canada, 2004.
       Stairway to the Sun: Rediscovering the Origins of New World Culture , Permeable Press, San Francisco, 1996.
       The Voyage to the House of the Sun -- The Place of Tiawanaku in Ancient Myth and Reality . Spiral-bound edition published by the author and used in his classes at Michigan State University, 1991-1993.and updated in the Fall of 1994, title changed to Pre-Columbian Contexts,The Mythological Foundations of the Epic Genre: The Solar Voyage as the Hero’s Journey , The Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston/Queenston/Lampeter, 1989.
      Tiawanaku: The Trip to Bolivia , a section of Voyage to the House of the Sun but published as a separate chapbook by Limited Editions Press, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1988,
      Gods of the Cataclysm , Harper’s Magazine Press in Association with Harper and Row, New York, 1976.




       Ida Jane Gallagher

      Researcher, Author


      Topic: The Grave Creek Mound Tablet: Eyewitness Accounts


      Contact:  ijgall@...

      Website:  http://www.neara.org/



      Ida Jane Gallagher’s recent book, Contact with Ancient America, is a culmination of over 28 years experience.  The book presents evidence of pre-Columbian contact between Amerindians and foreign cultures. Several chapters will be of particular interest to NEARA readers. They include the relationships between megalithic architecture, ancient astronomy, and an agricultural/fertility religion in North America and abroad. The pre-Colonial writing systems of Northeastern Native Americans and their signatures on Colonial deeds and treaties are presented from both the Native American and the epigraphic viewpoints. Research on the Norse presence in New England includes discussion of the Spirit Pond Runestones (Carlson, Buchanan, Chapman, and Nielsen) and the Newport Tower. Richard Nielsen’s work on the Kensington Runestone, and the Peterborough Petroglyphs are concisely summarized, as well.





      Pamela Joy Giese



      Topic;  Ancient Ohio 101


      Contact:  giese@...

      Website:  http://www.midwestepigraphicsociety.com


      Pam has been researching ancient sites since the age of ten.  Her interests include archeoastronomy, energy grids, sacred geometry and mythology.  She has lectured internationally on metaphysics and history.






      Zena Halpern, M.A.



      Topic:  Underwater Archaeological Discoveries:Connections Between Continents


      Contact:  zhstar@...

       Zena Halpern, MA, New York University;  MSW, Adelphi University, Licensed Teacher/Social Studies;  Certified Social Worker (CSW)  Post-Graduate work at NYU

         Took course work with Cyrus Gordon, author of  “Before Columbus: Links Between the Old World and Ancient America” (1971) “Forgotten Scripts,” “Ugaritic Grammar,” and over 300 articles and books.   His dynamic and unique teaching inspired me to follow his ideas and it became a lifelong quest.

         Published articles in: Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers (ESOP), Migration & Diffusion,  Midwestern Epigraphic Society (MES)  Institute for the Study of American Culture (ISAC)  Ancient American,  Wrote booklet on the “Ma’agan Mikhael Ancient Ship,” for Hecht Museum, Univ. of Haifa, Israel.

        Lectures:  New England Antiquities Society (NEARA) MES, ISAC, AAAPF. Presently writing book on the underwater discoveries of ancient harbors off the coast of Israel and their artifacts with connections to the Americas.  


      Ross Hamilton

      Author, Researcher


      Topic:  Mysteries of the Serpent Mound


      Website: http://www.greatserpentmound.info/index.html


      Mysteries of the Serpent Mound, North Atlantic Books & Frog Ltd. Press

      Ross is a writer and researcher currently specializing in piecing together North American prehistory with a view toward understanding the hidden heritage of the Americas for future spiritual advancement. Ross' book The Mystery of the Serpent Mound, represents a twelve year research effort to correlate the main body of teachings stemming from the ancient Mystery Colleges to the shape and design of the famous earthwork. His current project, A Tradition of Giants, regards the presence of of a superior race of people throughout North American prehistory whose longevity, extraordinary stature, and spiritual-technological advancements have been completely obscured by modern anthropological and archaeological methodologies.



      Ken Harsh

      Lecturer, Tour Guide


      Topic:  Sacred Sites, Miracles, Mysteries, and Misinformation


      Contact:  karmakenHa@...

       Ken Harsh has experienced first hand the power of sacred sites on this amazing planet. He has an especially keen love for Ohio mounds, and for the Moundbuilders, but has also been leading tours to sacred sites for nearly a decade. He has led ceremonies at; and has been a student of Earth Mysteries for many thousands of years. Ken has also written a book on the Moundbuilders, as well, and continues to travel extensively in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.



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