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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Indian Mound Park, St. Paul MN

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  • Vincent Barrows
    Dear Susan English and friends; Thank you for your thoughtful response. I was floored when I read it and the situation with Mounds Park seems so fitting and
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 14, 2007
      Dear Susan English and friends;
      Thank you for your thoughtful response. I was floored when I read it and the situation with Mounds Park seems so fitting and similar to how I feel about the current fiasco with Monks Mound. I am thankful to Rick Osmon for giving me the chance to get the world out about the situation.

      I wanted also to follow up on William Smiths excellent questions about the tablets and situation of the mounds ownership. I do look forward to discussing the tablets in more detail at the meeting. I misspoke when I said the mounds were owned by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (according to the UNESCO website located here:

      . They are in fact owned by the state of Illinois, and only managed and administered by the IHPA. That is much different than ownership, in fact though even if they were owned outright by a person or agency it would be illegal to excavate the mounds with backhoes because of the destruction of the archaeological record.

      The application of a backhoe to the central feature of a World Heritage site is a violation of the law in the most public and blatant way. Site management have no justification for doing this under the "emergency repair"; There was no emergency with rain water threatening to rip open the mound as site management contend.

      Tomorrow morning (8:30-8:45) is a presentation at Southern Illinois University Carbondale by site management to the professional community on this issue for the annual IAS conference. I will attend that and report back on the proceedings of that.
      Also, if you want to check out Pete Bostroms account of the situation, it seems to have no new information, but is interesting.
      Thanks again for your kind thoughts and shared concerns;

      Susan <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      Ancient Waterways friends,

      Those following Vince Barrow's preservation efforts and who heard
      his radio interview last night by Rick Osmon, will understand the
      following passage in the book, "St. Mudd" by author Steve Thayer
      about Grover Mudd. This refers to the nearly total annhilition that
      has been taking place taken place at "Mounds Park" located in the
      same area as the very ancient Carver Cave in what we now call St.
      Paul, MN.

      "Grover Mudd... staggered across Plum Street and Cherry Street and
      into Indian Mound Park... Before him stood the largest mound in the
      park. Tears streamed down his face with the rain.... The ghostly
      mound loomed before him like a mountain. Children used it as a place
      to play. A swath of mud rolled over the top. Grover stopped on the
      grave and dropped.
      Grover wormed his way to the top of the mound and rested there on all
      fours like a wounded animal... He fell backward and tumbled down the
      mound, and face down at the bottom he beat his fist into the mud....
      A torrent of rain swept over the park. And Grover Mudd cried himself
      sick at the foot of the ancient Indian graves."
      From: (http://www.daytonsb luff.org/ old/AShortHistor yofMoundsPark. html)

      -this is an area that 'Paleo-indian' followed south of the falls
      (later called "St. Anthony's Falls" at the present St. Paul,
      Minnesota) at least 12,000 years ago is Indian Mounds Park with
      numerous types of burials, including Hopewellian of 2000 years ago
      and 'included remnants of one of mankind's earliest organized
      civilizations, a civilization that prospered while there were still
      pharaohs in Egypt and great dynasties in China':
      http://www.stpaul. gov/depts/ parks/userguide/ indianmounds. html

      ....human remains and grave offerings were found..."including
      perforated bear teeth, copper ornaments, and a piece of hammered
      sheet copper, as well as the usual number of projectile points. Among
      the more startling discoveries was a skull covered with red clay
      producing the image of the original face. Nothing similar to
      this "death mask" had ever been found by archaeologists in mounds or
      ancient graves. The mask was removed intact during that
      excavation.. ..The log tombs, hammered sheet copper and especially the
      clay death mask belong to the Hopewellian period."
      ____________ ______
      Thanks, Vince, Rick, all of you here and the other associations and
      sites many of you are affiliated with in your efforts and
      involvements. This work each does, and oftentimes we do together
      might truly be your/our real life's work...."vocation" -a calling,
      summons, spiritual call to service, a definition w/older roots
      associations the origin more as being a 'voice'....as many of you do
      so well.

      I am going to throw a couple of links again that I may have sent
      before on Carvers Cave and an old photo or drawing of the giant St.
      Anthony's Falls which no longer exists in downtown St. Paul. Just to
      show how, in a very, very short period natural ecological sites that
      have been around for millions of years, and ancient human
      inhabitation/ layers of various burial cultures which existed for
      countless millennia have been and are still being desecrated or
      obliterated for modern development in a matter of decades, even
      months. All of this random moderization is taking us farther from our
      transcontinental, global interconnections with each other and our
      true human roots.

      Susan English,

      -traveling ancient Great Lakes-Mississippi Riverways and global
      waters (and the Internet!)helping to rediscover who we human beings
      really are.

      Building a website is a piece of cake.
      Yahoo! Small Business gives you all the tools to get online.

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