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  • Rick Osmon
    Hello Loopers!!! This week I welcome anthropologist Dale Drinnon. In addition to a myriad of other pursuits, Dale has compiled a wealth of research surrounding
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      Hello Loopers!!!
      This week I welcome anthropologist Dale Drinnon. In addition to a myriad of other pursuits, Dale has compiled a wealth of research surrounding Biblical, mythic, legendary, linguistic, cultural, skeletal, and artifactual evidence of giants. This promises to be an eye-opening segment for some.

      Dale Drinnon was born on January 1, 1956. At the age of seven he was struck by a car at the end of his Elementary school's playground, with no serious repercussions beyond some scarring on his right hand. Five years later, he was one of the original staffers of that school's first school newspaper and was regularly drawing diagrams for science class handouts.He continued drawing the diagrams for Biology classes and working on the school newspaper into High School, adding some training in wrestling and also working in the library. He was selected to represent the school's Physics classes at Rose Hulman Youth Day as a Junior and won an early-version calculator as a door prize, which he sold to fund a trip across the country to the SITU during the summer break, just after the death of Ivan T. Sanderson. He became a member of Quill and Scroll and registered in the upper 5% of SAT scores in his Senior year, having been on the school's honor roll for every semester of his attendance. He shortly thereafter became the single highest financial donor to the SITU and an Honorary member, donating his compensation from the automobile accident that had been held in trust until he turned 18. He subsequently got a degree in Anthropology at IUPUI in Indianapolis, worked as a laboratory assistant for the State Archaeologist and for the Anthropology department, the University Library, Medical Library and in Government Documents. He wrote several articles for the SITU, all ultimately unpublished, as well as some illustrations for PURSUIT which were published. In the meantime, he also attended Art school in New Jersey but was forced to drop it when financial aid fell through. Since that time, he has worked as a writer and an illustrator and now owns and operates over 60 Yahoo groups he has created, as well as moderating others. He has groups for Atlantis, Mu, Cryptozoology and Cultural diffusion during the bronze age, but most of his groups are meant to promote his artwork and fiction. Dale has self-published comic books in his time but could not meet expenses: he specializes in female hero characters, often drawing from mythology. Dale started at IUPUI hoping for a degree in Biology before changing to Anthropology and as a result has a very diverse background in Geology, Zoology, Paleontology, Anatomy, archaeology, psychology, Sociology, Literature, Latin, Popular Culture, Film criticism, Mythology and Folklore,and various individual human cultures especially mentioning those of the Pacific and the Americas. He has a working knowledge of every human fossil find up until his graduation and every important Cryptozoological sighting up to that point. He has been an amateur along on Archaeological excavations in Indiana as well as doing some local tracking of Bigfoot there.

      I hope you can join us for what promises to be a very interesting and diverse segment.


      Last week's show featured Judi Rudebusch and Scott Wolter discussing "stone holes", the past attempts to date them, possible future means of dating them and other artifacts. You can listen to that segment HERE

      (or here: http://tinyurl.com/29yzzu)


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