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Re: Monks Mound Destruction

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  • Susan
    Vince, Stan, and All, I have been away all week, leaving soon to help survey ancient sites so need to make a brief comment. Vince, I need to pass on the two
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 4, 2007
      Vince, Stan, and All,

      I have been away all week, leaving soon to help survey ancient sites so
      need to make a brief comment. Vince, I need to pass on the two Cahokia-
      related posts to supportive others as don't want your dedicated writing
      and oftentimes solo years of voluntary work to go unheeded here at this
      site. I am scanning/pasting the letter into emails to several people,
      one to the head of Ancient Earthworks Society, Tom Solberg to hopefully
      pass on the AWS web site and Cahokia posts to that group's membership
      for possible input. Ancient earthworks and ancient waterways are highly
      interwoven subjects, certainly not off-topic. Stan, myself, Dr. James
      Scherz are affiliated with both associations, Scherz founder of Ancient
      Earthworks in Madison, WI. Most, if not all ancient earthworks were
      built near or accessed via ancient, oftentimes major intracontinental
      waterways. And, as is well known here at this site, it is along such
      waterways vast trade networks and intercontinental 'diffusion'
      activities occurred, perhaps for countless millinnea, or times prior to
      when peoples divided or boundered themselves by tribal division and the
      vast schisms associated with nation-states.

      I also passed the last two Cahokia letters on to HoChunk tribal leader
      Richie Brown, who will be speaking at the October AAAPF/Thor/MES
      Conference. I hope you, Vince, and others here who may be attending the
      conference will get a chance to talk with Richie, Jim Scherz, and each
      other. I am going to try to get a table established for information on
      Ancient Waterways Society and display of member's research/collections,
      if needed. I also hope president Tom Solberg and representatives of
      Ancient Earthworks will be attending the conference and setting up a
      group display. Some of the posts you AWS members here seem like great
      introductions to the work and insights of each of you.

      William Smith, Pam, and sometimes myself frequently pass out printouts
      of the PreColumbian Inscriptions web group where many here 'met' and a
      few of our web groups sprang from. I shall include those on our table;
      better if member Mike White could be able to attend (if you don't go to
      Peru this fall, Mike).

      I was planning on driving to the conference solo, but may offer to
      transport some of the Earthworks society members down in my 1994 not-
      air conditioned Ford if they have no other way to go. Same applies to
      Ancient Waterways members if budget-conscious ones need a ride. Dr.
      Scjerz suggests a caravan of cars and to meet somewhere central near
      the Illinois border in the event a vehicle breaks down. Anyone
      interested, please email me offline. We all plan to stay on-site at
      the conference but may go a day or two early and rent a cheap cabin
      w/optional canoe rentals on the Little Miami River at Ft. Ancient.

      Helping facilitate the Ohio side of the AAAPF conference, AWS member
      Pam Giese emailed me over the weekend that Richie and Jim will be
      speaking in Room A on Saturday at 7:30 PM on "The Bighorn Medicine
      Wheel: Tribal Migration and Long-Range Alignments". Each tends to be
      out in the field away from computer access, so I've not gotten hold of
      either personally yet. One or both fellows will also be on the Saturday
      evening panel which I am sure will go late into the evening.

      List of conference speakers once again:

      I see on a search Richie Brown is a member of the Wisconsin Tribal
      Conservation Advisory Council of the NRCS (Natural Resources
      Conservation Service). I see a listing of members/leaders of various
      Wisconsin tribal associations:


      There may be connections there to Illinois tribal groups, Vince, but
      hopefully you are affiliated with supportive persons and trival groups
      in the S. Illinois/St. Louis area near Cahokia.

      I do not believe we are just data collectors here,,,archiving mountains
      of mind-boggling data endlessly into 'bank accounts' for future
      generations who may or may not make wise use of our investments without
      our direct input. I could have said these things off-line but believe
      many of the personal, subjective insights and ideas we put into posts
      and PR activities we engage in are very much inter-related and have
      compounding, even synergic effects. Many here are alreading not only
      rewriting the erroneous old history we had long been taught, but
      actually putting your insights into direct application into action.
      Learning to re-think and live as many traveling pathcutters did when
      trading not only goods, but ideas.

      I am addressing those of you here that I feel are amongst the future
      wise elders of America, possibly future wisdom keepers who will impact
      countless persons of all walks of life in your travels along ancient
      global waters. I am not alone believing our civilization is undergoing
      great transformation, perhaps, as my cohorts call it, a global paradigm
      shift of vast proportion. Working cooperatively and lovingly, rather
      than competitively and divisively, the upcoming decades could be filled
      with great adventure rather than unheaval of the old ways that most
      persons have been comfortable with.

      Once again, just doing a bit of PR computer work with you all here at
      my bungalow along the Wisconsin River,


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