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Re: Stone (Hole) Age

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  • Susan
    Oz, Stan, All, Almost missed the additional notes/links you sent beneath the Oopa Loopa Cafe advertisement for the upcoming week, Oz. Several of us here are
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2007
      Oz, Stan, All,

      Almost missed the additional notes/links you sent beneath the Oopa
      Loopa Cafe advertisement for the upcoming week, Oz. Several of us
      here are divers, but the 'Discovery of Mu' article about the vast
      underwater dive site did not get much notice again by the North
      American press. The alleged 4000+ year old underwater structures
      described by the Japanese diving team is in the area photographed
      extensively over a decade ago by Frank Joseph, the Littles, geologist
      Dr. Robert Schoch, etc.--ancient time frame of far more interest to
      me personally than 'diffusionist' discoveries within the more
      historic or early historic periods.

      See segment of 2004 article on Micronesia w/good underwater photos
      on "Submerged structure near Yonaguni.2 (courtesy of Robert Schoch)"
      makes reference to 10,000 years ago:

      When first involved with these 'studies' during the late 80's, early
      90's. I snuck into the Annual ARE/Caycee Convention at the Drake
      Hotel in downtown Chicago. Frank Joseph was (still is) a main speaker
      for that group and, during that convention, MC'd two hours of
      underwater photos of giant underwater structures before thousands of
      awe-struck attendees.

      "Dive Japan-Underwater Yonaguni Monument":

      From an Atlantis Rising F. Joseph article which indicates the
      vastness of the area:

      "The sunken buildings are known to cover the ocean bottom (although
      not continuously) from the small island of Yonaguni in the southwest
      to Okinawa and its neighboring islands, Kerama and Aguni, some 311
      Returned at 2AM after several days out of state and see the awful
      spam letter under 'Pending'. Hopefully it didn't make it into the
      group's posts, but it is very difficult to control spam. It looks
      like you caught it, Stan, but that kind of garbage has been seeping
      increasingly into the Messages sections of many groups of which I
      subscribe. Some groups continue to list the spammers as among their
      membership. Stan and I at Ancient Waterways not only delete the
      messages soon as we see them, but remove and block the senders from
      the membership list. Otherwise our number would be thirty or forty
      members. With this excellent group of serious researchers and
      viewers, we care little about 'numbers'.

      Thank you for your continuing membership, input, and occasional off-
      line correspondence-which I encourage senders to share with the
      mutually-enhancing, helpful group here.

      M. Susan English

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Osmon"
      <ozman@...> wrote:

      Hello Loopers!!

      This week, on Thursday August 30th, I am pleased to once again
      welcome Judi Rudebusch and Scott Wolter.

      Judi has been ever diligent in pursuing some means to discern the age
      of some of the stone holes found in the upper Midwest and elsewhere,
      while Scott has been working towards deciphering both age and the
      meanings of more out of place inscriptions.

      Judi has supplied some images so that the listeners can see what we're
      discussing. Some of the stone holes she has examined have known date
      ranges, or, at least, some date affiliation, while most are of
      indeterminate age. Some stones are associated with known building
      dates, but it is still unknown whether the holes already existed in
      those stones.

      Here is an example of the size and heft of these stones.

      Some holes are cut in a triangular shape (perspective). And HERE is
      another tri-shaped hole. While other holes are circular in shape,
      these stones are across the Whetstone Valley, half mile from Judi's

      The stones are very close together, with the more N stone flat and a
      very trishaped hole and the stone -downslope- to the S is more
      rounded. The hole on this stone is away from the valley floor.

      This stone apparently has a spring under it.

      Scott has been busy working on an anomalous, Old World inscription
      found in the Catskills, overlooking the Hudson valley and he will
      give us some insights on that effort.

      We will also discuss possible near-future technical means of judging
      the ages of stone holes and inscriptions, possibly in situ.

      I hope you can join us for the discussion of the why's and where
      fore's of these anomalous, manmade records cut in stone.

      Last week's segment featured Ben Ford, doctoral candidate from Texas
      A&M in Marine Archeology. Ben provided us some insights in the
      special character of underwater archeology versus terrestrial
      pursuits. You can listen to that segment HERE

      Treasure pits Spain against US salvage firm - Houston Chronicle


      Lost city of of Mu `found'

      Celestial add-on points Google Earth at the stars for us amateur

      Record meteorite hit Norway


      In other news, William Smith and I have been coordinating equipment
      needs for the upcoming AAAPF conference and have pretty much
      everything covered in that category. The speakers' list is long and
      Pam has been working very hard to get the schedule finalized. There
      will now be three rooms available for use by speakers, so plan your
      attendance now, before the seating limit is reached.


      Upcoming shows:

      6 September 2007, Anthropologist Dale Drinnon discusses the evidence
      of giants 20 September 2007, Dr. Jim Chatters discusses his
      examination of the Kennewick Man remains and the subsequent furor
      surrounding those remains 27 September 2007, John Malloy and Geneene
      Musgrave discuss Old World scripts from Yucatan, Illinois, and
      Michigan, how they all tie together, and offer translations

      If at any time you no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders,
      simply reply to this email and I will reluctantly and gently remove
      you from the list.

      Your host
      Rick Osmon, aka Oz


      Call in during show (646) 652-2720

      IM to "oopaloopacafe" on Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live messenger,
      during show. Mobile (not during show, please) (812) 259-1102

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