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Rough weather

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  • Rick Osmon
    Hello Loopers!! It s been a rough couple of weeks for the studios here at Possum Holler. Two damaging electrical storms in as many weeks took their toll on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2007
      Hello Loopers!!
      It's been a rough couple of weeks for the studios here at Possum Holler. Two damaging electrical storms in as many weeks took their toll on the equipment.
      Last week's show was only possible due to the cooperation of William Smith controlling the switchboard from his home in southwestern Ohio while I hosted on the phone (with my cell, which repeatedly dropped me during the storm),. here in southern Indiana, and my guest, Bishop of the Templar Church, David Richarde calling from Lake Tahoe.
      You can listen to that segment HERE
      This week my guest is marine archeologist, Mr. Ben Ford, doctoral candidate at Texas A&M. Ben is currently conducting an archeological survey on two areas of Lake Ontario.
      Ben's Project web page is reproduced below. Original available at




      Institute of Nautical Archaeology Sponsored Project
      Ben Ford, Principal Investigator

      The goals of the Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape Project are to record the archaeological evidence of human occupation on and around Lake Ontario since circa 5,000 BP (date of lake stabilization), to assess the affect of the environment (cultural, physical, and psychological) on the placement and nature of archaeological sites along the lake's margins, and to assess the impacts of human occupation on the shore environment. Through geographic information system (GIS) modeling of data collected during archival research and systematic survey, the spatial relationships between humans and the environment will be tenable and statistically testable. These relationships are of interest not only to historians and archaeologists because of the information they provide about the decisions and cultures of past peoples, but to environmentalists and planners, because subtle long-term repercussions of many human actions are only accessible through the time depth provided by archaeology.

      The field survey will begin July 2007.

      Donations of Materials, hardware, software, storage space, etc. are currently being sought. All Donations will be advertised and acknowledged as appropriate.

      I hope you can join us in a discussion of 5,000 years worth of nautical or marine archeology applied to Lake Ontario.
      The web site has been delayed further, due, in part, to the weather damage preventing ready access to the web and, in part, to other pressing matters (mostly making a living).  I still plan to take it live during August.
      Scott Wolter's geological assessment of the Kensington Rune Stone was the subject of a Twin Cities TV news story and that story was even included in the links on CoasttoCoastAM.com
      A Minnesota Mystery: The Kensington Runestone
      Rock has inscription speaking of Norwegians here in 1362. --WCCO.com

      Why Stone Age man was a far craftier chap than we thought - Daily Mail

      The October 5~7 AAAPF Conference in Wilmington, Ohio is fast approaching. Since seating is limited, you may want to register VERY SOON.
      You can do that at
      As Charles Osgood always said, see you on the radio.
      If at any time you no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders, simply reply to this email and I will reluctantly and gently remove you from the list.
      Your host
      Rick Osmon, aka Oz
      Call in during show (646) 652-2720
      IM to "oopaloopacafe" on Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live messenger, during show
      Mobile (not during show, please) (812) 259-1102
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