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Vortexes, Ley Lines, Energy Grids, Dowsing...do they relate?

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  • Susan
    All, Rain is hindering my departure here. I wsa thinking all afternoon about ley lines, vortexes, energy grids, dowsing...not scientific terms within the
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      Rain is hindering my departure here. I wsa thinking all afternoon
      about ley lines, vortexes, energy grids, dowsing...not scientific
      terms within the science I was taught. But I am hearing these terms
      used more and more by avocational and PhD scientists and I am just
      looking up a few basic things here, not calling for a personal

      The Allouez, Michigan 'vortex' mentioned on a couple of posts earlier
      today has drawn many to the site. Hoping Aurora Borealis would appear
      during the night, I camped on the high ground there years before
      trees were thinned and anyone was calling it a vortex. I sleep poorly
      and actually get a bit hyper there so avoid excess time there. On two
      or three occasions I have met two Michigan Technical University
      professors at the site with their dowsing rods. Both I believe follow
      posts at this site. Should they see subjects relevant to their work,
      it is my hope they will feel inclined sign on.

      In Western Minnesota when visiting Viking researcher Marion Dahm for
      a Kensington Runestone conference and field trip, dozens of
      townspeople. including the mayor, two teachers, minister and high
      school students, adeptly used 'rods' when exploring habitation sites
      and old dried lakes & riverbeds. They seemed to have no qualms about
      calling it "witching", and the practice in rural areas of that part
      of the country is widespread.

      When our family built a ski area w/lodge on a 700+ verticle foot
      granite 'mountain' in rural Upper Michigan in 1958, thousands of
      dollars were spent unsuccessfully that first year on professional
      well-drilling. Our large family spent months hauling water in trucks,
      filling toilet tanks so we could keep the new business open.
      Townspeople recommended a white haired, very elderly man who
      quivered, quaked, and gyrated for a considerable time across the
      property, finally fell on the ground with his willow stick. Drilling
      the next day brought a gush of abundant results which have, for half
      a century now, provided water for thousands of daily tourists. I know
      because I was there and as skeptical as all. Except our father--whose
      folks came from an old Indiana farming background.

      A little folded paper was sent to me years ago from Sedona "Sedona
      Vortex Map" showing four major vortex areas in Sedona atop high
      ground, and not sure if this relates--numerous creeks, rivers,
      canyons at the base. Hand-written on the front, the sender was
      unable to find the source of the theories stated. Vortexes are
      described as swirling certers of subtle energy coming out from the
      surface of the earth. Farther down: "Juniper trees respond to the
      vortex energy in a physical way that reveals where this energy is
      strongest. The stronger the energy, the more of na axial twist the
      Juniper trees have in their branches. Instead of going straight down
      the branch, the lines of growth follow a slow helical spiral along
      the length of the branch, and the spirialing effect can somethimes
      even bend the branch itself."

      What I do know is that this exactly fits the description of the trees
      on the Allouez hilltop "vortex". The hill is located atop the
      massively copper-veined Keweenaw Fault, and twisted evergreen trees
      could be caused by other factors such as mineral content and the
      water sources feeding the stie. A small stream runs below but steep,
      rocky dry gorges indicate heavy runoff or old/ancient river.

      Ley lines: I may have sent this previously, but find it to be an
      excellent article: "Comments on Ley Lines", by Joe Parr
      w/Introduction by Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, John
      DeSalvo, PhD:


      Energy grids I am not going to get into but hope Pam, Rick, Steve and
      others will elabborate more when the term comes up in future posts.

      I don't believe these subjects are off-topic because we are talking
      about possible "energy centers" in association with (or that
      attracted) the placement of habitation and burial sites located along
      specific ancient riverway and Great Lakes travel/trade routes.

      Energy/power grids: I found a Science @ NASA web site referring
      to "renewable energy sources and their integration into the power
      grid..." Can further insights into ancient practices be carried into
      future scientific technology?

      I believe one of these already has a good start: master craftsman,
      engineer and author of "The Giza Power Plant-Technologies of Ancient
      Egypt" (1998), Christopher Dunn, who will be a speaker at the Ohio
      conference in October. He may be one to get into a fascinating
      informal chat with on any of the above subjects. Many of us have done
      so at the World Explorers Club conferences in Kempton, Illinois Pam
      Giese told us about years ago where I became acquainted with
      Christopher, Steve Garcia (from our AWS group), David Hatcher-
      Childress, many others. Dunn's precise measurement and research has
      led him to suggest that the Great Pyramid of Giza and deliberate
      positioning of its numerous chambers and passageways 'to be a large
      acoustical device-a crystal edifice which created a harmonic
      resonance with the Earth and converted the Earth's vibrational
      energies to microwave radiation'.

      NEXUS Magazine lists numerous articles and books under "New Science":

      Before signing off, I am acquainted with a great number of you here
      and at a few other groups. From private and Yahoo group posts, I am
      finding it astounding how your profiles, backgrounds, interests
      and/or research crosses paths with others here. Many of you don't
      realize the synchronicities some of you have with each other.
      I believe your continuing intercommunications working together or
      following posts at these sites can be an enhancement to each of you.
      Plus, who knows, maybe you will be contributing to one of the great
      colloborative humanitarian advances coming up within Future
      Scientific avenues.

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