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Ancient Penoke-Gogebic Range & wilderness, W. Lake Superior

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  • Susan
    All, I have been truly enjoyimg this groups s posts the past few months. Below are some updates on a threatened anciemt and wilderness waterways area where I
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      I have been truly enjoyimg this groups's  posts the past few months. Below are some updates on a threatened anciemt and wilderness waterways area where I once lived and have frequented since the 1940's. 

      Third weekend in September will find me in the NW Wisconsin Ashland-Bayfield-Apostle Islands, WI area of Lake Superior for a weekend event in connection with the current frac mining issue Ted and others have mentioned the past year takimg place near their anciemt Great Lakes-Mississippi Riverways regions of The comtinemt.  The W. Lake Superior region is where I spent my high school years, and am heading up for a second 50th class reunion (i attended three high schools) and at least one event at one of the events up there. 

      Same weekend i will be near Bayfield is a Penokee Hills Educational Summitt east of there in Upson, MI (near an area Ermest Hemingway loved and devoted much time).  Rights activist Ada Deer and others will be speaking.  Water Walker and First Nations Grandmother, Josephine Mandamin--- Anishinaabekwe from Manitoulin Island, Canada--- made a sacred walk around each of the Great Lakes over a period of five years, then traveled from Kingston, Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean along the St. Lawrence River.  (I hope "The Old Copper Trail" research folks from this group are taking note).  Here a little videoclip about her walk.  http://penokeehillseducationsummit.wordpress.com/

      I also enclose three excellent links to articles w/photographs on the geological and early mining history of the aforementioned Penoke-Gogebic Range.  They were written very recently 

      by one of our longtime members, Herb Wagner of NW Wisconsin.  There is no doubt these ancient waters and wilderness areas of his homeland are dear to his heart.

      I. Penokee-Gogebic Iron Range, Part 1 (11/21/11)--The Iron Giant Awakes:

      II.  Penokee-Gogebic Iron Range, Part 2 (1/21/12):
      Ancient Mines of Northwest Wisconsin, Heroes of Civilization,
      and the Discovery of Magnetic Iron Ore :  http://atthecreation.com/IRON/penokee.pt.2.discovery.html

      III. Penoke-Gogebic Iron Range, Part 3 (03/27/12):
      Charles Whittlesey on the Pewabik (Penokee) Range in 1849 and Incidents of Early Exploration:

      Herb has an article on Wisconsin's Ancient Copper Miners, has been a co-host on the early Harley-Davidson family on The History Channel.  He also plugs readers to join our Ancient Waterways Society YahooGroup at the bottom of this "Ancient Underwater Road?" Article:  


      Maybe will see one or two of you UP in the Lake Superior north country  before the snow flies...very soon.

      Susan English -- from my iPad (i hope my links above are blue, and clickable.  Was not so earlier)
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