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Ancient fortress in middle of Siberian lake

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  • minnesotastan
    Totally awesome photos - http://englishrussia.com/?p=1206#more-1206 and here s a Google Maps link for the location -
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2007
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      Totally awesome photos -


      and here's a Google Maps link for the location -


      with these comments in the sidebar --

      Por-Bajin - stronghold in the Eastern Siberia, built in the VIII
      century A.D. on an island of lake Tere-Hole. Some consider this
      stronghold to be a temple and call it 'Russian Shaolin'. Others
      believe that this construction serves as the northern gates to sacred
      place Schambala. Por-Bajin is translated form Tuva language as 'clay
      house'. It's mostly built of clay bricks. The monument has complex
      structure - inside the regular rectangle of walls there is a whole
      labyrinth of buildings, which look like as a buddhistic or induistic
      temple. The walls forms the regular rectangle with side sizes 211x158
      metres. It's now of big interest of archeologists. In the year 2007
      the large summer expedition of archeologists with participation of
      many students from the main universities of Russia and support of
      government and Emergency Control Ministry will be hold. The latest
      remarkable and rather mysterious archeological finding in this area is
      the skeleton of europeoid race with height of 1,85 meter.

      This has implications for the interpretation of underwater or
      underlake or undersea finds...

      Would appreciate comments or further research/links on this site by
      others on this board.

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