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Re: Fwd: [Mystery Mountain West Virginia] "The Moundbuilder myth is a story believed,...

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  • CTF
    Susan & all, Thank you so much for your very kind words. I m sending this from an iPhone so I ll make this brief. Wish I had my iPad today like Susan :) THANK
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 28, 2013
      Susan & all,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words. I'm sending this from an iPhone so I'll make this brief. Wish I had my iPad today like Susan :) THANK YOU so much for this blog everyone!!!! I read every old and new entry and can't thank you and everyone enough for this amazing site. It is incredibly helpful, extremely useful and possesses invaluable information. Please keep it going as we are reading. Susan, our catch up is long overdue. I'll call you this week. Thank you everyone for all your contributions to this history changing site. I'm very lucky to learn from you all. I'll be able to contribute and help how I can soon. Hope life is great all. Just wanted you to know this site is being read and is very important to continue.



      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan" <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > I am not co-hosting, though still a member and do like to occasionally
      > greet newcomers. Especially if I see recognizable information associated
      > with incoming members. It is sometimes difficult to ascertain even
      > first names and geographical locations associated with incoming members.
      > I do my best to respect those who wish to remain anonymous within the
      > group and appreciate members (and non-members) who follow posts at this
      > site. there is no way of knowing how many of our group's 103 members
      > still read posts, yet enough of you let Ted and the rest of us know
      > through an occasional comment, reply, or off-line mail.
      > Most of you likely know this, but to keep track of incoming members,
      > click the "1 New Member" link on the Home Page. Which will bring up a
      > list of the most recent members' Screen name, Yahoo ID, Email, date
      > joined.
      > Currently:http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ancient_waterways_society/m\
      > embers?o=6
      > Newest member, Erik Rurikson from Michigan, joined April 20th. I recall
      > some of his interesting posts at William Smith's THOR site, and I
      > believe Steve Hilgren's Ancient Vikings in America group. This post I
      > wrote at Ancient Waterways last year introduces Erik and some of his
      > work, which perhaps Erik will update us on. Thanks for joining, Erik:
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ancient_waterways_society/message/317\
      > 8
      > On April 6th, cfidevelopments joined. CHF I just recalled this evening
      > as the amicable Californian associated with filmmaking. Several AWS
      > members, in fact, met Chris when he flew to Marquette, Michigan last
      > fall to attend the AAPS conference. Dr. Jim Scherz and others including
      > myself, expressed regret there had been only a three day weekend to get
      > to know this interesting young man. Now, at Ancient Waterways Society,
      > members and onlookers may get to do just that.
      > The fourth most recent member before is Karla...thank you for posting
      > several,times alrwdy, and this week re: your area of Indiana. Welcome
      > again and to Erik, Chris, and newcomer "old Mill" from Madison,
      > Wisconsin, which is the city two hours south of here where I am heading
      > this coming weekend. And will hopefully experience my first day this
      > year warmer than 45 degrees F. Central Wisconsin still has partial
      > snowbanks, but folks just north and along SW Lake Superior received 18
      > inches last week and some places --- another foot yesterday. This
      > afternoon from my driveway looking across the Wisconsin River and Lake
      > Wausau I get a good view of the slopes at Granite Peak Ski Area. Which,
      > though closes for the season April 1st ir earlier, regardless, still
      > looks as it does many Januarys. Newrly May, no one here has ecer heard
      > of such a thing.
      > Cal and Ted, I am wracking my chemo (or ADD) brain about the
      > international group and Malta. I will let you know if I can recall
      > anything on either subject.
      > In regard to Facebook, Ted, I too am a member/supporter of Yoly's
      > Mystery Mountain West Virginia site and Robin Hammer Mueller's Old
      > Copper Complex and Ancient Waterways America FB group, then latter of
      > which has more AWS members posting regularly than does the WV Mystery
      > Mountain site. Good ongoing material at noth sites. Robin is an
      > Ancient Waterways Society member, too, and she tragically and suddenly
      > lost her husband of twenty-seven years last week. It was hert-warming
      > to read the dozens of messages of support to Robin, her children, family
      > and friends that poured forth via Robin's personal and Old Copper
      > Culture and Anciemt Waterways America Facebook sites. It is in that
      > sense, to me, that sites such as Facebook brilliantly shine.
      > When I can find time, I try to keep up with Facebook postings and
      > exchanges. . Many folks seem to find Facebook (and other) groups
      > easily, more personally inter-communicable, and photos readily
      > retrievable. I agree but personally prefer sites such as our AWS Yahoo
      > Group for serious inquiry and research. At Facebook, I get overwhelmed
      > sometimes when excellent lines of dialogue, insight, and data that
      > could/should be pondered, built upon, discussed, etc. absolutely fly
      > past. And, further frustratingly, after a very brief time, all
      > entries become very difficult to retrieve. I have not yet accessed
      > anything similar to a longterm Facebook Archives, thus everything not
      > printed is forever lost to the ether of infinite space.
      > I will sound very geriatric or ADD here, in lieu of my own intent
      > toward getting to deeper meanings and roots of things scientific. The
      > search for wisdom, Universal truths, synergies that endure the tests of
      > Time and selection .... all seem difficult, if not impossible to build
      > on ... when information as occurs within sites such as Facebook and
      > Twitter, speed by in such volume it more than boggles the mind.
      > Science intermingled with jokes, music, videoclips, news, and chat from
      > hundreds each of us have personally befriended. Last year, with my 50th
      > class reunion in Michigan (and Illinois) coming up this year, my
      > daughter had signed me up at Facebook. it has become invaluable to have
      > become reacquainted with old classmates and extended family I had lost
      > track of. And even members of Ancient Waterways and other YahooGroups.
      > I enjoy some of these intercommunication, a place to build friendships,
      > constant exchanges and entertainment. A great site to build friendships,
      > but far as incorporating huge floods and volumes of scientific and other
      > data, one would need a good photographic memory (and ongoing printer).
      > Ted, to further comment on your concern.... For me, Ancient Waterways
      > Society is a group that has endured and been building for nearly a
      > decade. As too have our archived Posts, Files, Photos, even membership
      > lists (those who joined and dozens who have left the group, changed
      > email addresses, or were Spammers). This group and many dozens of you
      > have over the years, and still, imprint upon my life, my mind and
      > heart....discussing, critiquing, encouraging each other, sharing and
      > weighing new evidence, adding insight, clarity, occasional off-line
      > email and phone interchanges. A few here have even met for field trips,
      > related conferences and meetings.
      > Those things I have not found elsewhere. To all if you at Ancient
      > Waterways, I express my deepest appreciation. I cannot tell you how
      > much I was especially lifted reading posts at this site when I was very,
      > very ill and no longer able to co-host or greet. Co-founder and former
      > host Minnesotastan, who set up this group, and I as co-founder and
      > former co-host thank you, Ted, and members for staying together
      > continuing to evolve as a group. Hopefully personally, too, in part
      > because of our mutual association.
      > Susan English -- from my iPad--- In
      > ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Ted Sojka wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello all,
      > >
      > > From the site called Mystery Mountain West Virginia. I hope there
      > > are still a few of you left out there reading at this site. I have
      > > no idea how many are left.
      > >
      > > Be well
      > > Ted the Bluejay
      > >
      > > Begin forwarded message:
      > >
      > > > Tim MacSweeney 10:29am Apr 23
      > > > "The Moundbuilder myth is a story believed, wholeheartedly, by
      > > > Euroamerican settlers in North America well into the last decades of
      > > > the 19th and even into the 20th century (and also into the
      > > > 21st)...The moundbuilders were said to be a race of superior beings,
      > > > perhaps one of the Lost Tribes of Israel, who were killed off by
      > > > later people. Some excavators claimed that they had found skeletal
      > > > remains of very tall individuals, who certainly could not be Native
      > > > Americans. Or so they thought...By the late 1870s, scholarly
      > > > research (led by Cyrus Thomas and Henry Schoolcraft) had discovered
      > > > and reported there was no physical difference between the people
      > > > buried in the mounds and modern Native Americans. Scholars then and
      > > > today recognized that the ancestors of modern Native Americans were
      > > > responsible for all of the prehistoric mound construction in North
      > > > America."http://archaeology.about.com/od/lterms/g/lostraces.htm
      > > >
      > >
      -- Chris: Well done .... MORE MORE .... Cal =========================
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            Chris:  Well done .... MORE MORE ....  Cal  
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