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Fwd: copper objects with silver / gold trim

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  • Ted Sojka
    No wonder so much of this artifact collecting disappeared in the 19th century.
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      No wonder so much of this artifact collecting disappeared in the 19th century.

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      Here is some info on copper objects with some gold decoration added from mounds in Ohio.

      LITERARY NOTES p.187 
      ...same as the one which was dug into Squicr & Davis in 1848 which they called an Altar Mound So far as relics are concerned the boys made a lucky hit Among the specimens obtained were two copper cells three or four copper plates several copper car ornaments some of which were covered with a thin layer of iron and a celt made of meteoric iron. The Turner group was excavated by Dr Metz in May 1882 This is a group which was situated in Anderson township near the Little Miami River It consists of two circular embankments one on a hill and the other below connected by a graded way Several of thu mounds in the group contained altars One altar contained about two bushels of ornaments made of stone copper mica shells the canine teeth of bears and other animals and thousands of pearls.

       Nearly all of these objects are perforated in various ways for suspension Several of the copper ornaments are covered with native silver which had been hammered out into thin sheets and folded over the copper Among these are a bracelet and a bead and several of the spool shaped objects which from discoveries made in other mounds of this group I now regard as ear ornaments.

       One small copper pendant seems to have been covered with a thin sheet of gold a portion of which still adheres to the copper while other bits of it were found in the mass of materials This is the first time that native gold has been found iu the mounds although hundreds have been explored and the small amount found here shows that its use was exceptional. 

      The ornaments cut out of copper and mica are very interesting and embrace many forms among them is a grotesque human profile cut out of a sheet of mica Several ornaments of this material resemble the heads of animals whose features are emphasized by a red color while others are in the form of circles and bands Many of the copper ornament are large and of peculiar shape others are scrolls scalloped circles oval pendants and other forms There are about thirty of the singular spool shaped objects or ear rings made of copper like the two described in the last Report Three large sheets of mica were on this altar and several finely chipped points of obsidian chalcedony and chert were in this mass of materials. 

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