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RE: [ancient_waterways_society] America Unearthed-Motive For Murder (Merriweather Lewis)

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  • Jither
    HI, Y all- I m lovin it, too. EXCEPT I spend too much time trying to figure out who sends what!!!!!!!!!! Can I respectfully request that each person sign
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      HI, Y’all-


      I’m lovin’ it, too.  EXCEPT I spend too much time trying to figure out who sends what!!!!!!!!!!


      Can I respectfully request that each person ‘sign’ their user name-  or whatever- when they send something.  Maybe it’s just me, but I get confuzzed!!!!!!!






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      Thanks for the welcome, Susan. The UP is one of my favorite vacation spots. I'd be thrilled if Wolter is ever a speaker in that area. I'd come to hear him. Do you think you could get him as a speaker?

      I was a Wolter fan from way back. I have his book on the Rune stone.

      I'm also quite familiar with Lewis and Clark as I wrote an interactive ebook for middle grades on Sacagawea. If you have kindles or kindle apps, it's gotten good reviews and adults are enjoying it as much as the kids.

      My research showed that Lewis was a moody fellow. Suicide isn't unlikely. However, it was very intriguing that they found someone else's DNA on Lewis's Masonic apron. Very curious indeed. I love the idea that maybe there were British land claims that were discovered. And it is true that there are missing pages of Lewis's journal. In the light of the fact that Lewis was a prolific recorder, it's unlikely that he just didn't write during a certain period of his journey. He was a little compulsive about it and I don't think he would have gone without writing.

      Loving this list!



      On Tue, Feb 26, 2013 at 10:30 PM, Susan <beldingenglish@...> wrote:


      Thank you for the replies, and welcome to Karla, Jither and other new members here.


      Jither, having the same last name, are you related to Harvard based anthropologist, Dr.  Alice Kehoe of Milwaukee?  I have conversed with her on Facebook and recall a number of years ago she worked with Scott Wolter in connection with the Kensington Runestone 


      Karla, Wolter spends a lot of time in the summer diving for agates at Copper Harbor.  The weekend of our informal symposium there he was,  walking to his vehicle carrying the largest (two-handed) agate I have seen. He has a book out about Lake Superior agates and agate-picking is a past-time we Northerners can spend hours doing on the beach.


      If we decide to put together another 'cheap' AWS resort gathering in the Copper Country off-season as happened whenAWSmember  Lee Pennington did some early, pre-foliage filming for his Copper Culture video, I will let this group know well ahead.  I live five or six hours south in Wausau, Wisconsin,  have Many times  provided couch/bed/floor space for those driving to and from that area...if anyone needs no frills lodging. 


      Pennington of Louisville, KY is interviewed in the recent America Unearthed episode, "Motive For Murder" talking  about the possibility of ancient Welsh in America.  One  of the investigators on this AU episode may have furthered the death nail on the Brandenburg Stone (KY) further claiming it as an early 1800's hoax.  Othervsolid evidence fir rhe Welsh, Mandan prevails. 


      Below is the free History Channel link  plus optional link 'for  educational purposes only'  after problems  opening  this episode on the H2 site.  "Motive for Murder" gives a provocative account of freemason Merriweather Lewis' (Lewis & Clark) suicide (or possible murder):   http://vimeo.com/60091539




      Karla Akins

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