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Re: Underwater "Road" in NW Wis. & Keweenaw Trip

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  • Susan
    Herb, members and onlookers here: Unfortunately, I ve not been to the Keewinaw Peninsula yet this year, though used to drive up every few weeks during
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2 11:47 PM
      Herb, members and onlookers here:

      Unfortunately, I've not been to the Keewinaw Peninsula yet this year,
      though used to drive up every few weeks during non-winter months.

      I was working north of Crystal Falls last week, then root canal work
      Tuesday in Ironwood so much less than estimated that I can now afford
      to attend the October AAAPF conference.

      Am pondering driving up to the Copper Country this Sunday for the day
      to set up tables at Prospectors Paradise on Hwy 41 in Allouez, north
      of Houghton. Regardless, August 8th through Saturday will find me
      vending/camping there at a small annual metaphysical "Peoples Fair"
      on the grounds of the above rock shop. Should you find time to stop
      en route from your explorations, Herb, friendly owners Darlene and
      Alex will be happy to show you what they and others have long called
      a 'vortex' at the back of their property surrounded by numerous
      gnarled and nobby evergreen trees, twisted similar to the juniper
      trees atop vortexes in Sedona, Arizona. Every year at this time, two
      Michigan Tech engineering professors stop to talk and visit the site
      (w/dowsing rods). If I let them know ahead when I will be at the rock
      shop. I believe at least one regularly follows posts at this site.
      I hope Norm from this web site will stop by also; his new Lake
      Superior summer cabin is only minutes from the rock shop.

      Herb, I've heard nothing of an "Albion Rock" nor a "Petit Marais" but
      am quite intrigued. I rec'd a reply this AM from Wayne May (after he
      read some of the current Ancient Waterways Society posts) that you
      have submitted an article (on a different subject) which will be in
      the September issue of Ancient American. Wayne added that what you
      are working on now 'sounds exciting'. Many of us here are subscribers
      to the magazine and will enjoy reading your article.

      As Pam mentioned, photos of the underwater rocks would be
      interesting. Writer David Hoffman emailed me yesterday asking if the
      rock patterning structure you mentioned might be near an area of a
      very ancient, supposedly natural rock wall in the Keweenaw Peninsula.
      I have an old photo, if anyone is interested...haven't checked the
      site out personally yet. David tried to email this group and you
      personally, Berb, but doesn't have a yahoo email address yet.


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      <herbswoods@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for your replies. I made individual replies but had the wrong
      > identity and they didn't post. I'll try to summarize them all here.
      > I'm thinking that what looks to be an underwater "road" is probably
      > natural in origin, but I should upload a photo of it to my website
      > get opinions. I'll do that after my trip to the U.P.
      > Yes, this is the sort of thing they were looking for in Rock Lake in
      > southern Wis., only it turned up here in NW Wisconsin instead!
      > Yes, it is on a possible ancient route from the copper mines of Lake
      > Superior to the south. As some of you know I'm very interested in
      > copper of Lake Superior.
      > I'm not saying this discovery is a "Roman" road or anything that
      > exotic, but only that it LOOKS like something out of a history book
      > ancient Rome.
      > Only underwater!
      > Funny, but that reminds me of a story I heard many years ago at the
      > Adventure Mine near Greenland. A lady had led tours there and said
      > that one time a strange person in a long black overcoat visited. He
      > said: "There's no copper here!" When asked why he replied: "Because
      > beings from the 'water planet' came and took it."
      > On Friday I'm leaving for a trip to Keweenaw Point on Lake Superior.
      > We hope to locate "Albion Rock" near North American Gap (a possible
      > ancient beacon site to the ancient diggings); Petit Marais (an early
      > harbor of refuge), and what one old timer speculated was a
      > Altar Stone and slave pen.
      > The location of Albion Rock dropped out of sight after the 1840s
      but I
      > think I know its location. In 1999 I tried to find Petit Marais but
      > failed. Now I have a better idea of its exact location. This was a
      > rare safe landing on the exposed extreme end of Keweenaw Point to
      > anyone prospecting for copper in small boats or canoes. It's exact
      > location has been largely forgotten.
      > In the 1980s I located the supposed Phoenician Altar Stone and took
      > photos. I don't know if I can find it again but will try to.
      > I'm going to take lots of photos and record all our experiences up
      > there. The Copper Country is truly a magical and spirit-haunted
      > Susan: can you tell us about your recent trip to the U.P. and what
      > your impressions and findings were up there?
      > I hope this message posts.
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