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  • Ted Sojka
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2013

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      Hi Ted,

      Yes I have been reading about the Trap Rock area because of all the chatter related to the Maya having been there. the main problem about this is that it is often difficult to tell the difference between Mayan glyphs and other groups or culture. the reason for this is that all were based in sign language and thus the signs were mostly the same. Further messages could be paraphrased just as in any language. This along with compounding of signs made them fluid and nearly endless in their mutations. Sings that looked very different are often thought to be about different subjects or made by different groups at different time periods. Also it is quite possible that the Maya did trade over long distances or through a series of trades that went through various tribes or cultures along the route.

      The Foot imagery relates to the journey through the underworld in the afterlife. Note that one boulder was itself was in the form of a large foot (the great journey). But this was, apparently, not noticed or mentioned in the article.

      By using the compositional system as a guide I have traced some of the compositions to North Africa and southern Europe and Asia. take a look at my latest papers at Scribd,com. I am presently revising my paper on Native American sign language to take into account that the system was very ancient, perhaps over 40,000 years old, and not restricted to the peoples who ultimately migrated to the Americas, now called Native Americans. However despite my family background having "Native Americans" within it there really is no such thing. All people are related and all these people are our ancestors.


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