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Green Glass Meets Stone Hand Axe!

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  • William Conner
    To All Ancient Vikings and  Arch Metals list members, and others:   A quote from my book Iron Age America: Before Columbus I believe nails down just how
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2013
    To All "Ancient Vikings" and  Arch Metals list members, and others:
    A quote from my book "Iron Age America: Before Columbus" I believe nails down just how far the "science" of North American archeology strays from the self evident truth that evidence of pre-Columbian European contact with North America is overwhelmingly available.  Ignoring this fact reduces what they call "a science" to a myth to which a defensive, tiny minority of  timid American "professionals" cling.
    I am a retired professional science writer and a former member of the public relations staff of AT&T Bell Laboratories at it's main Murray Hill, NJ headquarters.  I worked with real scientists there while they were creating the wonderful fiber optic network that carries all those channels for your TV, email and web sites.
    The quote from my book:
    "The archeology of pit iron furnaces lies outside the pale of American archaeology as recognized by its owners, the professionals. They control what is considered as "real" and what isn‘t. The mere existence of America‘s pit iron furnaces goes unrecognized by them. My artifacts have no permanent home, but my collection belongs in a museum. It is evidence of a mystery in Ohio‘s prehistoric past. It is my hope this book will establish the reality of the furnaces, will find a permanent home for my collection of artifacts, and above all, will motive the professionals to excavate one of these furnaces. I can show them where to dig."
    (end quote) 
    So what this comes down to is that I may as well sell some of my best artifacts to folks who will value and preserve them for the rare and highly significant evidence they convey to North America's prehistoric past.  The green glass coated hand axe on page 50 of my book is undisputable evidence of a Stone Age/Iron Age junction of technology.  Green glass is green because of iron content.
    I am a "seventy something guy" and I am considering selling some of my best artifacts to the highest bidders.  People place more value on what they have to spend money to obtain.  I have never been asked by the pros to donate any of my artifacts.  I have donated copies of my book to the historical society museum in Chillicothe and also to the museum at Mound City at Chillicothe.
    William Conner
    Author:  "Iron Age America: Before Columbus,"  sold by online book stores.
    Note: The attached photo is a hand axe that was dug out of a mound in the valley of Deer Creek about 10 miles north of my hometown, Chillicothe, Ohio.   The mound contained what my mentor Arlington Mallery identified as a pre-Columbian type of furnace used for the direct reduction of ore to wrought iron.   Now doesn't this seem something highly unlikely that pioneer Ohio settlers made while having time to fool around trying to make iron?   Weren't they too busy felling trees, building cabins and barns, and fighting "Indians?" 
    Special note to Arch Metals members:   In the early 1980s, my mother, a world traveler, met with English archaeologist Leslie Aitchison at Stratford-on-Avon to present him with a glazed hearth stone from a Ohio prehistoric iron furnace.   He said that it "almost certainly" was a hearth stone from such a iron furnace!
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