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Gobekli Tepe update .... Ancient Penokee-Gogebic waterways iron mining range

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  • Susan
    I am home for half an hour and bery much hope these links all work. I have lifted a You Tube video link from N. Minnesota researcher, Larry Furo s MISKWABIK
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2013
      I am home for half an hour and bery much hope these links all work.  I have lifted a You Tube video link from N. Minnesota researcher, Larry Furo's MISKWABIK (whatever that symbolized) Facebook page.  It is a very recent update on Gobekli Tepe, I believe thirteen years after excavation began, which further astounds me---the deeper they dig.  My own take on this, I do not  think ancient inhabitants there intentionally buried this site (take a look at the surrounding giant sand hills, dunes!).  Instead, makes more sense to me it might coincide with what some evidence indicates as a cataclymic event that took place around the same approx. 12,000 year ago time period where other cites, sites went underwater. Or massive displacements of sand, soil mountains, etc. shifted,,,
      The SEMP research and other links showing drastic changes in the course of major rivers throughout the world (the "fifth, or current, Nile River). As well as countless sites some of you have posted here and elsewhere, including the ancient Great Lakes-Mississippi Riverways I frequent and love. Same dates/time I keep hearing about when visiting the Yucatan Peninsula and other sites in Mexico.  I dont live there, but Steve Garcia, you do...

      And the second link i am posting are ten Posts I found on an AWS Search for ewrlier posts here on Gobekti Tepe that some of you took time to write, the last I think by Rick in 2010. I like when we build upon each others' posts sometimes rather than being unnecessarily repititious, or constantly reinventing the wheel in our posts.


      AWS Posts by some of you re: Gobekli Tepe, last post in 2010:


      I am quickly changing from funeral clothes (of an old ski pioneer one of our local cities was named after) to bluejeans to hopefully join a large crowd to join Chippewa/Ojibwa spokesperson from the Bad River area of NW Wisconsin re: possible iron mining to resume along significant ancient waterway areas of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper Michigan and southward...
      At the very botyom of this post I shall list the first of three well-written web sites w/wonderful photography created last year by longtime Ancient Waterways member, Herb Wagner.  Most know for his authorship and friendship with the early Harley-Davidson families at his "At the Creation" main web site; he was interviewed a number of time on the History Channel. mhe also has web sites showing many still-pristine wilderness areas and trout streams, the provacative "anciemt Underwater Road?" Site, and one on Wisconsin's Ancient Copper Miners.


      Out the door in black funeral garb ....  :(

      Susan English -- sent from my iPad
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