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History Channel2 America Unearthed, 43 minute premier

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  • Susan
    Since so many here are familiar with the work of or acquainted with forensic geologist from Minnesota, Scott Wolter, here is last Saturday s 43-minute
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2013
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      Since so many here are familiar with the work of or acquainted with 'forensic geologist' from Minnesota, Scott Wolter,  here is last Saturday's 43-minute History Channel2 series, 

      America Unearthed: American Mayan Secrets Pilot | , first within a series.

      Surprising to see so many full access links within days of its TV premiere. 

       Upcoming Episodes on U2 

      Show Schedule (see web site for schedule, time zones in hour locality). it appears that all will be free, accessible by You Tube for those overseas.

      (Here, my friends are more about giants, and in minnesota! Nthanks forrecent submissions, Steve and Rick.)

      Fridays at 10/11p
      Episodes in the next 2 weeks
      1. Friday, Jan 11, 10/9c Giants in Minnesota:TVPG
      2. Tuesday, Jan 15, 8/7c Giants in Minnesota:TVPG

      3. Tuesday, Jan 15, 9/8c Great Lakes Copper Heist: TVPG
      4. Tuesday, Jan 15, 10/9c Medieval Desert Mystery: TVPG
      5. Friday, Jan 18, 10/9c A Deadly Sacrifice: TVPG
      View Complete TV Schedule

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