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  • Susan English
    Sign me up, Larry. Wayne a decade or two ago asked Davd Hoffman and me, as volunteers, to investigate a century old book reporting of an apparent
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2013
      Sign me up, Larry.  Wayne a decade or two ago asked  Davd Hoffman and me, as volunteers, to investigate a century old book reporting of an apparent Pre-Columbian rock 'idol' found near the Fox River and Depere, WI near Green Bay.  I used to run over to that area fairly often, anyway en route to Foor County, as did David, so we teamed up for a day or two, then each of us given a room by one of his friends, to stay over for a couple of days.  

      In this investigation which certainly was not complete, our path to this stone 'idol' seemed to dead-end us at a dam and a whole lot of cement and steel.  

      The little clipping, which was our lead for this trip, I am happy to have found in Ryan's century old "History of Outagamie Coumty (WI), Pt. i, includes our clue plus other details and more religious atrocities which were the norms of the day (and ideologies still are), that some here might find interesting.  There is a lot more interesting history about the Green Bay area than the historic logging/shipping history..... and the Green Bay Packers.  

      ...."In the summer of 1670 Father Dablon and Father Allouez passed up Fox river from Green Bay. "They found at the DePere rapids a sort of idol adored by the savages - a rock resembling a human bust. This the missionaries removed and cast into the river. They continued up the river, but returned late the same year to Green Bay. In February, 1671, Father Allouez went up the Fox river and on again to the Outagamie tribe where he founded the mission of St. Mark. The Outagamies were at first haughty and insolent and at first granted only rebuffs and mockery. In time he gained their affection and encouragement. About this time a chapel was built at DePere rapids and was a member of the Green Bay mission. Allouez labored with the tribes on the Fox and Wolf rivers and Andre with those about DePere and along- the shores of Green Bay. Allouez accomplished much, instructing the savages in five different tongues. The Mascoutins and Illinois nations 'received him as an angel from Heaven and crowd about him both day and night.' The Outagamies were especially interested in the cross; everyone made its sign and a war party believed they had attained success by means of the cross. Allouez erected in their village a large cross 'thus taking possession of those infidel lands in the name of Jesus Christ.' "  

      From a History of Outagamie County [Wisconsin] Ryan,1911

      Also found more stone ' idol ' reports from early 1800 reports of Wisconsin's Green, Ozaukee, amd Washimgton counties...

      Also at a time when I had free air travel (one of my twins worked for Delta/Northwest Airlines), I did independent investigations but mostly for my own history-building.  I also stayed on site at the Miami Circle when on a trip alone to the Florida Keys.   Did not have the confidence to report any of my findings.  Now that I am retired, i likely would submit something, hopefully beyond the remnants of the rare pieces of physical evidence nit destroyed centuries ago.

      Please sign me up thise areas that I have old maps for, especially SW. Lake Superior and W. Lake Michigan, upper Mississippi River and lands between...

      Susan English -- sent from my iPad

      On Jan 3, 2013, at 11:08 AM, lar7436@... wrote:


      Any chance of a few of you guys (or ladies) volunteering to take part in our Field Investigators program as written up in the latest issue of Ancient American magazine? This will not be an obligation or commitment and you may never even  be called to investigate a site. However, you might one day wish that you knew someone in another state that could investigate a site for YOU.
      I am compiling a list of names and states for our "Field Investigators" column for the next issue and have about 30 people on board so far. We would like to fill up the map. Your phone number and email address will not be published. Thanks to all who reply  ~
      Larry Gallant - Associate Editor/AA

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