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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Iron smelting in Ohio

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  • william smith
    William Conner   I have read much of your great work. I was most impressed when you found the casting of the ax. I think you and Wayne May were going to look
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 19, 2012
      William Conner
        I have read much of your great work. I was most impressed when you found the casting of the ax. I think you and Wayne May were going to look at a stone structure on my farm in Adams county about 6 years ago. I am sure you have seen the 500 lb. large stone which is called the Ohio Rock. Some say it was a mold for hammer fusing copper inside to fabricate a large sun dial. I have found metal artifacts near the site, however most seem to be late 1800s and related to early farming in this area. One piece looks like the vertical portion of a treasure chest strap. I had a lab in Cinn. look at it and the report indicated it dates to at least 100 years old because of the large size of the carbon molicules. They also stated it may be over 500 years old because most iron over 100 years old has large carbon molicules and it is almost impossable to date iron older than 100 years.
        The farm is on the very south end of the Hopewell road near the three islands in the Ohio at Manchester. This road goes in a straight line from Manchester to Chillacothie and then on to Newark. A total of 100 miles. Brad Lepper wrote the book about the Hopewell Road. After he wrote his book I sent him an email about how the short leg Bison used to migrate from Kentucky into Ohio. The early indians would contain these bison in the hopewell road with 2 ft. walls on each side. Many spear points the size used in atalads can and have been found on this road. I call it the killing field. Excuse the spelling and hope to see you at one of your talks in the area.

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      William Smith:
      Yes I also wish you had a camera with you when you found that rock pile.   I have found  small amounts of bog ore at Spruce Hill in southwestern Ross County, Ohio. This is discussed in detail in my book "Iron Age America: Before Columbus."   Buy a copy online, read about Spruce Hill and its evidence of prehistoric furnaces.  Your ridge may well be another example of a site with one or more hilltop furnaces.   I also have an "Iron Age America" bog with some color photos.
      William Conner  

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      Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Iron smelting in Ohio

      In Adams county Ohio on top of a ridge just north of the Ohio River near Manchester is a small stone rock pile which may at one time been a smelting furnace at one time. I wish I had a camera with me so I could show photos to Mr W Conner. Now that the folage is down and I plan to make a trip soon to do some archaeology work on a triangle stone hole near this area I may get a chance to find this stone pile. It is not next to any ground which would be farmable, however it is on the old bison migration trail (Hopewell Road) which was likely used by all travelers of the Ohio River before roads. If you all have any reccomendations please advise. The reason I remember it so well is because when I first found it (25 years ago) I removed one stone and observed the largest copper head snake I had ever seen.

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