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Re: Marion Dahm, a Dear Friend

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  • Susan
    Pam, Your eulogy to Marion touched me so deeply... I sent your tribute and accompanying letters to Marion Dahm s daughter and granddaughter who worked so
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2006
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      Your eulogy to Marion touched me so deeply...
      I sent your tribute and accompanying letters to Marion Dahm's
      daughter and granddaughter who worked so closely with Marion:

      Janna and Kristin,

      Marion spoke of you incessantly with great devotion. You honored your
      father/grandfather by being so devoted and directly involved in the
      work he so passionately adored.

      He was a wonderful man and I adored driving him around, setting up
      our tents, cooking hearty campfire meals to share with bystanders who
      soon joined in on viewing his artifacts then spent hours listening to
      his wonderful, well-humored talks. Sometimes with big crocodile tears
      he spoke of the terrible injustices that befell the family who
      discovered the Kensington Runestone. And I enjoyed being an honored
      guest in his house in Chokio the weekend of the Kensington conference
      a few years ago.

      Jana, thank you for leaving the phone message. I do not have caller
      ID so was unable to return your call. If you or Kristin would ever
      like to phone and talk about Marion's work or life, etc., I'd love to
      hear from you. My phone number, again, is: 715 845 8395 and address:
      1045 St. Austin Avenue, Wausau, WI 54403. I'd enjoy hearing, too,
      through the years, how his work has been furthered.

      I spoke with Marion not long ago...still talking about plans to scuba
      dive for a mooring stone in Norway Lake. He and Prof. Jim Scherz
      were wanting me to join them this fall on a trip to Lake Nippigon in
      Canada prior to the Big Bay, Michigan conference. Marion was
      scheduled to be one of the main speakers at that event.

      Our lives will not be the same without him. How fortunate you both,
      your family and friends were to have had him there so closely all of
      your lives. You two, in particular, I know already carry so many of
      the many wonderful traits your dad and grandfather lived with such
      passion and dedication.

      Earlier this summer I spent a month of voluntary service doing
      street nursing and gutting hurricane-damaged homes in New Orleans to
      make way for FEMA trailers or rebuilding. Thus haven't funds to
      travel nor am able to take further time off to attend Marion's
      memorial. If you find time later, please email or send me a copy of
      the funeral and farewell salute by family and friends. I shall think
      of you all especially throughout the memorial services Tuesday and
      Wednesday. Marion's friends Fred Rydholm in Michigan, writer David
      Hoffman and Ancient American Magazine publisher, Wayne May, and
      others have been on the phone today, saddened, yet recalling fond
      experiences we shared with our dear friend Marion.

      He blessed us all in his life, his research, dedication searching for
      missing children, delight in showing us how to use his dowsing rods,
      and sharing his great enthusiasm for life.

      Marion knew his good fortune in having you and your families so
      closely enmeshed in his life and work. I thank you too, for loving
      him so. And I grieve for you these coming days in your loss of that
      wondrous being.

      Below are beautifully written internet letters and correspondence
      heralding Marion......

      First letter is from Pam Giese written early this morningto fellow
      members of the thor-thehuntersohiorock ยท THOR (the hunters Ohio Rock)

      web site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thor-thehuntersohiorock/

      Web site founder, William Smith, Pam Giese, and several from
      the "Thor Group" of Ohio and the Central Midwest attended the Upper
      Michigan PreColumbian AAAPF conference last year. Below are letters
      of correspondence to web sites, PreColumbian groups and individuals
      all over the world tonight and early this AM.

      Second letter is from Judy Johnson, conference chairperson for the
      AAAPF Conference in Michigan who, with her husband Glen, provided
      lodging and wonderful hospitality to Marion and me on what Marion
      called a "million dollar trip" when we camped across the Western
      Upper Peninsula the week prior to the first PreColumbian Discoveries
      Symposium in Big Bay, Michigan.

      The third letter is from Marion's fellow researcher and longtime
      friend, Judy Rudibush, with whom you are well acquainted. If you
      wish, please feel free to pass these wonderful tributes on to
      others. Tonight at the Memorial service in Morris, MN I know there
      will be many friends sharing stories about our dear Marion and his
      remarkable work and life.

      I received notes yesterday, too, from Steven Hilgren, a California
      researcher whom you probably know who has been very closely working
      with Marion in his ancient Viking research. Steve is not a member of
      this Ancient Waterways Society web site but is a member of the Thor
      the Hunter group, and has written fine things about Marion at that
      web site. Steve included in his email yesterday a very recent photo
      of Marion and fellow Kensington Runestone researcher Leland Peterson
      and the last mooring stone Marion and Leland recorded. I shall ask
      Steve to sent it to the Thor group and perhaps share some of the work
      he and Marion have been doing together.

      So sorry not to be able to be of help there and join you all in
      Western Minnesota today and tomorrow. My deepest condolences and
      regard to you all,

      M. Susan English
      Wausau, WI 54403
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