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Nipigon Museum the Blog-reply & request from Erik Rurikson

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  • Susan
    Susan, Thank you for directing members of this group towards the Nipigon Historical Museum s blog. I have been in touch with the director of the museum and
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 29, 2012

      Thank you for directing members of this group towards the Nipigon Historical Museum's blog. I have been in touch with the director of the museum and promised to search for the missing pommel and sword tip from the Beardmore Viking burial. 

      I have been doing all the book/internet research that I can from my Michigan home on the so-called Beardmore Relics. I have a xerox of Curran's collection of newspaper articles and have looked into the intricate story of the finding of the sword, axe and shield boss in Ontario by a gold prospector in 1930. Being very familiar with medieval and Viking era weaponry, owning an exact replica of a Viking broadsword, having forged Viking style hand axes and made an authentic Viking style shield (not to mention wielding these weapons in training and mock combat), I am certain that professor Bronstead of Norway was correct in confirming that the Beardmore weapons are authentic, when he examined them in the 1950s at the Royal Ontario Museum.

      I have used an old geological survey map, an eyewitness report of the discovery and Google Earth to locate where Mr. Dodd discovered the Beardmore Burial. I had a metal detecting expert with archaeological training lined up to help me to locate the missing sword parts, but he got funding for his own pet project and backed out. Now, to will be up to me alone to prove that Mr. Dodd told the truth about how he came into possession of a thousand year old set of Viking weapons. The pommel cap is missing from the sword, as is the last few inches of the tip. Dodd showed the sword-shaped rust mark on the bedrock (3 feet under a 12'x12' rock overhang with a line of quartz running through it) which the sword was rusted into before Dodd hauled it out of the hole, breaking it into a few pieces and probably leaving the tip stuck to the bottom of the hole. As to the pommel cap, it probably fell off and looked just like a lump of dirt, or a mere stone and got left in the dirt pile around the hole.

      I plan to go up to Beardmore with a metal detector to find the pommel cap and sword tip. If they can be matched to the sword, or at least to the lead copy at the Nipigon Historical Museum, then it will be proved that Mr. Dodd did not plant the weapons, that a Northman with one thousand year old weapons was buried 7 miles east of lake Nipigon and 50 miles north of Lake Superior and that the Northmen penetrated deep into North America many hundreds of years before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

      If you have a facebook account, you can follow my research on this topic and preparations for my search at a website called "Friends of the Beardmore Viking Artifacts." I will also post my findings on the museum's blog every once in a while. Once I find these items from the Beardmore Viking sword, I will turn them over to the Nipigon Historical Museum. I am not seeking any fame, nor fortune, just hoping to right a wrong to the reputation of Mr. Dodd and bring honor to my Viking ancestors who traveled all over the Great Lakes. Until then, I will welcome ANY information that I can get on the Beardmore artifacts, or Viking activities in the Great Lakes.

      Erik Rurikson

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan" <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > Tomorrow I am heading to Copper Harbor, Michigan, Thursday night to the
      > Copper Culture Ancient Sites Conservancy meeting at AWS member Bob
      > Wheeler's home in Houghton. And Friday to three day AAPS conference two
      > hours east of there, in Marquette. Any of you attending, please stop
      > for a chat at my display table. You should be able to spot me among
      > dozens of displayers via my wooden Ancient Waterways Society sign that I
      > have kept in the back window of my car since the late-80's.
      > With my sons canoeing up in the Boundary Waters of N. Minnesota and into
      > Ontario, I was search for the Kelso River dolmen link we often talked
      > about here, and for a video clip on Nipigon, In Ontario, when ran across
      > the following site with many Thought provoking posts, comments, and
      > photographs of sites and artifacts.
      > "Nipigon Museum The Blog". --- History of Nipigon and the Nipigon
      > Museum displays. With Only five members and no comment to the museum
      > curator's comment from March, 2012, they probably would enjoy a bit of
      > interest from members of AWS and other related yahoo groups:
      > http://nipigonmuseumtheblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/ancient-relic-at-rosspo\
      > rt.html
      > M. Susan English -- sent from my iPad
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