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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: The Maya were wrong. This group will live on.

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  • Susan English
    Stan, Vince, Ted, Steve, Cal and All, I Have had a carved wood sign w/symbol of a small ancient sailing vessel in the back window of my car --Ancient Waterways
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 26, 2012
      Stan, Vince, Ted, Steve, Cal and All,
      I Have had a carved wood sign w/symbol of a small ancient sailing vessel in the back window of my car --Ancient Waterways Society --- for ten or fifteen years.  Sometimes sparks a friendly inquiry or interesting conversation when on the road.  A wooden " Ancient Waterways Cafe" sign has hung even longer entering my kitchen welcoming especially those who stop for a meal or overnight.....generally those traveling to or from Lake Superior, conferences, etc.  

      Being one of the cofounders, I of course will continue to enjoy reading posts at this site from my iphone or ipad, maybe put in a word or two here and there, but no longer from a management or hospitality standpoint.   Hopefully the Ancient Waterways Society will  continue to include 'international waters', especially with members and nonmember onlookers from around the globe.    But too, because i believe those traveling ancient waterways were intercontinental travelers and/or came in contact with those of other lands and diverse cultures.  

      Regardless of my frequent emphasis on that matter,  Stan and I willingly have relinquished into competent hands of Vince and Ted.  And I my co-hosting and management abilities at this site deleted so that  I become a regular member.  I probably posted more paragraphs than anyone else at this site, got more than my two cent's worth of opinions in,  and it is time for me to retire here.

      Steve, great news about moving to Central America. It must that you finally entered retirement from your profession. If you find time,  please continue sharing some of your carefully written, insightful experiences and observations.  

      Stan, without you, we would never have had an Ancient Waterways Society internet group of this nature and influence.  Many friendships have come about here and mutual research support  developed.  Dozens of members have come together at meetings, conferences and been led to other groups.   Hopefully you will stay on as a member here, too.  I have regularly followed your TYWKIWDBI blog. ---  a thoroughly intriguing and enjoyable teaching tool for me and many of my friends and family members.  

      Thanks to all for past contributions and our continuance here.  Please delete my co-hosting privileges so I can continue to heal medically and just tune into this site when time and wi-fi access permits.


      M. Susan English -- sent from my iPad

      On Aug 26, 2012, at 11:39 AM, "bigalemc2" <puppet@...> wrote:


      Yep, those Maya - what were they thinking?

      I for onea am very happy to see this.  Thanks, Vince and Ted, for picking up the slack.  Perhaps down the line the torch will need to be passed again.

      I am not a frequent or major contributor, but I've always been in the background, reading most of what is going down.

      I guess now Stan is well and truly done with his work here.  And Susan, too )who invited me in the first place).  We are sorry to see you go, but don't be strangers.  Maybe it is just a matter of rolling back your involvement.  No pressure anymore.  Sounds like it could be a plan.

      Thanks for all your effort and time, Stan and Susan.

      Steve Garcia

      P.S.  A note to Susan - I am moving to central Mexico in 2 weeks.  My days in the north are coming to an end, but I will keep up with things from afar.

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, minnesotastan@... wrote:
      > I am pleased to retract my previous post and to announce two significant
      > changes to the administration of the Ancient Waterways Society.
      > While I (and presumably Susan) will be leaving the group, the group will
      > not be deleted from Yahoo! Groups. Vincent Barrow has confirmed his
      > interest in continuing as a Moderator. Therefore this morning I clicked
      > a little virtual button that makes Vincent Barrow the "Owner" of this
      > group. He now has all Moderator powers plus the authority to create
      > other Moderators and to delete the group should he ever deem it
      > necessary. Vincent has been a loyal and active member of AWS since
      > January of 2007 and was boosted from Member to Moderator several years
      > ago. Since then there has never been to my memory any disagreement
      > between him and me and Susan; so I would think there will be no
      > discernible change in the administration or tone of this website under
      > his leadership.
      > In his acceptance message, Vincent noted that Ted Sojka would help him
      > take care of the housekeeping that is necessary on sites like this. Ted
      > has been a member of the AWS since the autumn of 2008, and the author of
      > numerous informative, interesting and well-written posts. I have
      > therefore upgraded Ted Sojka's status from Member to Moderator. Ted now
      > acquired this set of superpowers: approve (or delete) messages and
      > memberships, invite and add members, ban members, and change group
      > settings for the website as a whole.
      > Some of you will harbor a sneaking suspicion that this entire "delete
      > the group/maintain the group" flurry of messages was a clever ploy on my
      > part to stimulate interest in the group, activate loyalty and promote
      > fellowship among members. Maybe it was. In any case, it is true that I
      > am leaving. And my departure has nothing to do with any real or
      > perceived defects in the AWS itself; it's just that in the past couple
      > years my health, finances, and family situation have all altered in ways
      > that detract from my ability to devote time and attention to this board.
      > I'm now pleased to leave the ownership and administration of the board
      > in such capable hands.

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