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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] "The American Discovery of Europe"

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  • Pam Giese
    Hi Vince, Rick and All, Thanks for the links on the Barrows as star maps. It reminds me of John Mitchell s theory that some of the North American animal
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 14, 2007
      Hi Vince, Rick and All,
      Thanks for the links on the Barrows as star maps.  It reminds me of John Mitchell's theory that some of the North American animal effigy mound groups actually represented constellations.
      I also think there is a connection between the Barrows from Europoe and our "mounds".  When I visited Avebury Circle I was amazed that it was surrounded by a walled enclosure and an interior
      moat --just like Newark Circle.
      The Bosnian pyramid controversy reminds me of one time when I was visiting Aztalan with my mother.  We were standing on the "temple mound" and looking at the landscape.  The area is surrounded by drumlins and other hill-like glacial features.  My mother pointed to a high "hill" just a couple hundred yards away and said "You know, I wouldn't put my main temple here, I would put it there,  on the highest ground around."  And at that point we because aware of how many "natural" features maybe were not so natural afterall or that the site may have been more inclusive of its surroundings and not just limited to area within the stockade.
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      Hi Pam and All;
      Stars of influence in the legends and mythology are very interesting connection in relating cultures. The site below shows one of my favorite concepts that the stars were also incorporated into burial sites called Barrows as mirrors of the constallation images.
      Perhaps the "Barrows" from Europe and Egypt had the pre-linean concept of "What is above is also below" engineered into their sites.  What better way to incorporate burials into these mounds that are made to show constallations?
      I think that Forbes wanted to make it seem like Egypt is the biggest pyramid. I saw the photos of the Bosnian Pyramid on many sites and movies (check out you-tube). That bosnian pyramid is an amazing and recent discovery. It is disturbing that still today Forbes immediately wento on the attack of the Archeologists working there on his website. He used his strong backing in Egyptian archaology to downplay the significance of the Bosnian Pyramid. I think it is wrong to so quickly box any discovery without carefully considering all evidence.
      Pam Giese <giese@insightbb. com> wrote:
      Hi Vince  and all ---
      Your point about Forbes linking "america to egypt in the new world is biased toward egyptian influece of everything"  is something that's been bothering me of late...There' s a lot of documentation around which stars were of major influence to the egyptians ---Sirius was of prime influence.  If the egyptians travelled to the New World AND had a major influence here, you'd expect to see the same major stars (esp Sirius) showing up as alignments in the New World. This would be key evidence for navigational theories, afterall, if there was a diffusionist global navigation practice, there would be global navigation alignments or reference points.   I've yet to see anything major referencing Sirius in this hemisphere.  Given that there were active civilizations at similar lattitudes, I find this strange.  It would seem to imply that there wasn't a sharing of archeoastronomical knowledge, yet this seems to have been a primary science in these culture.  I think this is a shaky area of the diffusionist argument.
      You wrote :
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      Jack Forbes claims that the Bosnian Pyramid is "imaginary" in order to keep the false pretense that the egyptian pyramids are the biggest. His makes accusations about all inscriptions from Bosnian Pyramids as being modern fakes. Sound Familiar? He also says that all work on the pyramid being due to natural forces or WW1 soldiers. He also rejects the dates of 12000 years ago and says that the people lived in bosnia beginning 5000 years ago, without any evidence to support his claim. His book entitled "The American Discovery of Europe" links america to egypt in the new world is biased toward egyptian influence of everything.
       minnesotastan <minnesotastan@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Has anyone read this book? (University of Illinois Press, 2007)

      The author is Jack D. Forbes, and an advertising blurb in this month's
      Atlantic magazine says "Forbes makes an unusual and fascinating
      contribution to the story of the New and Old Worlds and the links
      between them, questioning in a welcome way the truth and ideological
      sway of orthodox history."

      Sounds like prime material for diffusionists. The book is not
      available in our library system. Has anyone in this group read it,
      and can you offer either a review or a comment?

      Thanks in advance,


      p.s. - Rick Osmon, maybe you should interview this author

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