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June 23rd Solstice Clebration-Frank's Hill

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  • Susan
    This letter is from Frwnk Shadewald and passed on to us bu Ancient Earthworks Society. Ted, I believe you have been to this event more than once. I recall
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2012

      This letter is from 

      Frwnk Shadewald and passed on to us bu Ancient Earthworks Society. 

      Ted, I believe you have been to this event more than once.  I recall your submitting to our group a number of interesting photographs.  Susam


      20001 Effigy Mounds Drive

      Muscoda, WI 53573

      (608) 739-3079





      MUSCODA, Wisconson....The public is invited to Frank's Hill in southern Richland County for a special event on Saturday, June 23 rd, when the setting sun on the longest of day of the year will be viewed from a small knoll peppered with effigy mounds in southern Richland County.


      The property, owned by Frank Shadewald, is located on STH 193 just off STH 60, a few miles west of Muscoda. Area residents are invited to join the group for discussion of the alignment of the calendar mounds with the sun and to view the setting sun and night skies in observance of the

      summer solstice. Participants should arrive at 6:00 pm for the discussion and a tour of the mounds and8:00 pm to view the sunset only.


      "I have asked several Native American friends to share stories from their oral traditions as related to creation, the cycle of life and the passing of the seasons from spring to summer. Anyone interested in sharing stories and their own thoughts about the mounds is welcome to attend," said Shadewald.


      Participants should bring their own food, drink and insect repellant.


      Directions to Frank's Hill area as follows; from the north end of the Muscoda bridge at the intersection of STH 80 & 60, drive west on scenic Hwy. 60 for two miles and turn north on STH 193. Park by the first gate on the east side of the road, about ΒΌ mile off of Hwy. 60, and walk to the top of the hill. For questions regarding the event, Shadewald may be reached by telephone at (608) 739-3079.


      Landowner Frank Shadewald said, "I am looking forward to my friends and neighbors joining me for this special event. Folks are welcome to bring their telescopes and binoculars. If you don't feel you can walk up the hill, please call me to make arrangements for transportation."


      For further information, contact Frank Shadewald at (608) 739-3079

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