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  • james m clark jr
    It appears the new ceo of yahoo! is addressing upcoming upgrades for Calendar events for group sites. Currently the layout appears the same. According to the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 2012

      It appears the new ceo of yahoo! is addressing upcoming upgrades for Calendar events for group sites. Currently the layout appears the same. According to the site  reminder heading this may be rendered inoperable until this improvement is complete namely for active groups and group member grouplets.

      The current problem with Calendar site events for one is that it doesn't allow weekly notices in advance among other issuses that isn't user friendly with limited options especially for tech groups etc which is pointless to mention within just a few days prior to an event especially if it's not online...  which is why I didn't mention an Ancient America listed event some weeks ago that I didn't notice anyone even addressing at the AWS site... I would have if I'd only found out sooner myself besides AWS has no Apps or profile entries so one or two AWS members could have been within driving distance of Salt Lake City. Other than that, if we had had Apps I would have considered those few rather than fwd an email to the whole group.

      Thanks for the advance notices AWS  and thanks for not pasting digital map directions. As far as I know of Yahoo! Maps hasn't started any border wars!! lol

      be well,


      Yahoo Apps also includes a map App moderators can enable & customize for AWS grouplets aka those that make use of the site online


      if we had this App already AWS members would already have the map listed for this events location. But on the other hand as well the maps App would be more user friendly if this  upgrade in calendar events would be in calendar events itself.  That would be nice regarding ligitament address events.


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Susan English <beldingenglish@...> wrote:

      Two AWS members, Dr.Jim Scherz and Dave Weier will be lecturing June 10th for the Ancient Earthworks Society at the Aztalan mounds 17 miles east of Madison, WI. Details below.

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      From: Ancient Earthworks Society of Wisconsin <ancientearthworks@...>
      Date: May 29, 2012 10:06:50 PM CDT

      The Ancient Earthworks Society
      is dedicated to the study and preservation of
      the magnificent effigy mounds of Wisconsin
      and the Midwest.
      "Alignments at Aztalan:
      How the Sky Speaks to the Ancient Mounds"
      June 10, 2012, Sunday
      1:00pm at Aztalan State Park, side trip to Christmas Hill
      Guest Lecturers: James P. Scherz, PhD
      with Dave Weier & Jay Mullins
      • Maps of Aztalan and its astronomical alignments will be available
      • Also, memberships ($10),
      • reports on several sites around Wisconsin($5.00),
      • and Prof. Scherz's report on "Eagle Rock: Long-distance Alignments" ($15).
      See map to Aztalan, attached.


      The park is in the Town of Aztalan, on the east side of Jefferson County Highway Q, just south of County Highway B. Coming from the west on Interstate Highway 94, reach County B by going south on State Highway 89 to Lake Mills. Coming from the east on I-94, take State Highway 26 south to Johnson Creek to County Highway B.

      Vehicle admission stickers are required. Day pass: $7.00 Season admission to all state parks: $25-$35.

      Information on car pools to follow.
      For more information call
      Linda Meadowcroft, 608-356-3556
      Dave Weier, 608-241-1444
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