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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Abri Castanet Cave and Randall White

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    Amazing report.  Thanks.   CAL       CLICK = A Wonderful World  short video.            Or,   Photos, London Then and Now.   
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      Amazing report.  Thanks.   CAL
      CLICK = A Wonderful World  short video. 
                Or,   Photos, London Then and Now. 
      From: Ted Sojka <tedsojka@...>
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      Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Abri Castanet Cave and Randall White


      Hello all,
      You did not miss this news in the papers, I heard about in on the CBC
      1 from Winnipeg last night. They broadcast a great late night
      science show called Quirks and Quarks, and one of the items was about
      a dig at a French Cave. I am sure you members from the North part of
      this continent are familiar with the show, but not many here a
      thousand miles Eouth from

      Actually it is a rock shelter that I heard about last night. The cave
      had been excavated partially back in 1911. Just when you think all
      has been found in the way of art, here is a new find that puts the art
      making people who wandered along rivers in France back tens of
      thousands of years ago, even older and more abundant.

      The ceiling fell in and covered the habitation ground level about
      37,000 years ago. That ceiling had carvings in it and they imprinted
      the ground under this massive piece of limestone that fell off way
      back then. It covered over artifacts, charcoal, beads, and left a very
      clear imprint of what was carved in the ceiling.

      They have excavated very carefully since 1994 around the boulder to
      expose the surface that was impacted by the big block of stone. With
      the fires and all the activity under the 600 meter long rock shelter,
      (think of those rock shelters in the Southwest where they built cliff
      dwellings). it is not surprising that parts of the ceiling collapsed.
      There are still many other stones that fell to the floor yet to be
      excavated in these time capsules under the other stones.

      So far the amount of art in the from of decorated beads and ornaments,
      tools, rock chips of flint number in the tens of thousands. Randall
      White of NYU says the sandstone used to make the beads comes from 400
      kilometers away. This, so far outdates any of the art work found so
      far in even the cave of forgotten dreams that Herzog filmed. He said
      from this cave to the art of LasCaux is as far apart as that famous
      French cave from Picasso. Google Randall White at NYU or paste this
      in your browser.


      It is always inspiring to read about new finds for me as it sets the
      mind going about people in the far past taking time to make decorative
      personal items and art on the walls in the places they live.

      Ted Sojka
      Native Earthworks Preservation / Iowa

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