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Re: Mayan Waterways

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  • Susan
    I am glad you brought this to our attention, Robert! I d not heard about the very recent discovery at Xultan, so did a quick search and include one link
    Message 1 of 2 , May 13, 2012
      I am glad you brought  this to our attention, Robert!   I'd not  heard about the very recent discovery at Xultan, so did a quick search and include one link which shows images of some of the artwork and calendar.  Will  look further after i finish a project here.


      If you see more on the subject please keep us updated,   also the Atlantis Project that is linked under your salutation.  A number of names mentioned on that site quite a few members of Ancient Waterways know personally.  Many I am only acquainted with, but had opportunities to observe or chat with long weekends when a staff member at various conferences....  Speakers such as the Littles and William Donato from the Bimini Road, and the underwater Cuban sites, (Ancient American conferences).  Chris Dunn from WEX and the  AAPS/MES  conference in Ohio,   David Hatcher Childress from World Explorer Society (WEX) bookstore/conference  in Central Illinois.   John Major Jenkins mentioned on the Atlantis link was a speaker at a Mayan Calendar conference I assisted with in the Yucatan Peninsula in 2010 just before I got ill.  Very important work all these people are doing in that part of the world....and many of you, too, within this group.   I for one want to hear more.  Especially it being 2012 ... and so much unscientific theory and fear-mongering going on within religious, political groups and the media.  

      I have done some snorkeling and diving (to 40 foot depths) in ceynotes and caves in the northern area of the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico...some of which are long underground channels and tunnels going off in multiple directions.   I noticed oddities, such as one south of Tulum where i was in moving water underground and, for at least half a mile noticed regularly spaced 'ledges' along the walls  with charring behind each, which looked  ancient and reportedly had not used since the tunnels were re-discovered.

      Hoping more members here have additional  information for Robert regarding ancient roads and waterways during the MayIng era  or earlier..

      Thanks too for your reply, Rick.  Remarkable photos and detiled images  from Iowa earthworks; inaleays enjoynyour words of wisdom.  Your patience and perserverence has produced results many times, Ted.  


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Robert Longley <robertblongley@...> wrote:
      > Question for the group. If you have been following the announcement about
      > the calendar discovery at Xultan, you may have done what I did and looked
      > it up on a map. It's sort of an obscure site being that less than 1% of
      > the site has been excavated. The only map I could find it on happened to
      > be in Spanish and it showed a somewhat different view of the Yucatan than
      > most of the maps I have. The map really highlights the many rivers and
      > streams that span the country. Many are seasonal, and a lot are so small
      > you really can't even see them on Google Earth.
      > Several years ago while visiting Altun Ha in Belize we drove along a river
      > which appeared to be modified into more of a canal. There have actually
      > been some studies showing that parts of it have been modified for flood
      > control in the distant past.
      > If you have spent any amount of time poking around in the Yucatan you will
      > find that there are are miles of Mayan roads that are overgrown to the
      > point of being indistinguishable. I suspect that Mayan waterways have met
      > the same fate, much as they have in Florida.
      > Do any of you have any resources which indicate what the waterways were
      > like during the Mayan era?
      > Thanks,
      > Rob
      > http://www.theatlantisproject.org
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