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     This land is what we call  land locked.       Legally, you can not access it without crossing some other owner s property.  That usualy decreases the
    Message 1 of 12 , May 5, 2012
       This land is what we call "land locked."   
      Legally, you can not access it without crossing some other owner's property.  That usualy decreases the price to a fraction of market value. 
      The adjacent land owners could deed to you a driveway across their property.  Or, give you in writing a right to drive across their land.  That would be a Deed, signed by you and the other party, notorized,and filed at the court house of the county in which this property lies.  
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      The agreement I had was a verbal gentelmans agreement that I would later write down in detail in an email and formalize that way. The trouble is that the other party changed this agreement so regularly that it would be hard to track all the changes and his whims as he figured out he was not going to be drinking out of the Holy Grail anytime soon. I am sure I could win a case, but I am really not the sue'n type. I figure it is almost always not worth my time and heartache even if it means having to walk away like I have.

      I am not a big fan of Public Lands and don't feel that a county or state would be any better protectors of the property than a terrible land owner who would pave it over and put up a wind mill or something crazy. If it stays in the private sector we have a chance to study and learn what is there. If the county, state or fed step in, then the bureaucrat gets to keep everyone out and put up ball fields to cover up the untidy facts of the site. If they get it then if there is any digging or discovery there is always strings and red tape and careers that could be ruined if they report the truth. Give me a terrible land owner any day of the week over public, county, state or Federal land.

      $50,000 knowing what is on the land is what I thought would be a great deal. However, the county will not let the land sell. It has no access road and remember the only flat build able land is right on this fish effigy that hopefully you would not want to destroy. The access road is troublesome because the park does not want to give it up, but it is the only route that makes sense along the old logging road.

      So as I think about it knowing the land owner bought the property for $14,000 or around there, I think the land would have to be bought by someone that wanted to study the stone effigy and possibly dig deep to see if there is really a chamber or ship buried under these hill.

      For myself, I just don't have the capital to support the purchase and protection of this site. Too many trespassers also. Two stones get defaced and destroyed by vandals or fellow researchers...you take your pick.

      If I had the money like I will someday, it would still be hard to let it sit in this property and take that capital away from future opportunities that arise with each site I work on.

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      > Your first agreement with the owner, is that in writing? 
      > Antiquities protection, will state or federal law step in?  
      > If the County had it, what then?
      > What are his terms:  $50,000 with owner financing?  
      > Can you get that $50,000 in writing ... with three months or so to act on it?
      > Is there a residence on it now; could you move onto that parcel.  Or "no access" you mentioned .... is that what is called "land locked?"  No access without crossing some other owner's property? 
      > How close is his price to market value?                
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      > I have to credit the land owner, he did give me first option to buy at $50,000 but I am not in a place to raise those kind of funds and keep my business going. In fact, I question if the county that is lusting over this property will actually let the sale go through. There is no access road and the county wants this land so bad you can see them tear up when they were trying to talk the land owner out of it last year. It is very sad if the county gets the property because then we will never know the complete story of this fish stone effigy a

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