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Jim Michael, The Ark of the Covenant Discovered

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  • Rick Osmon
    Hello Loopers, My guest on 12 July 2007 is Mr. Jim Michael, president of the Ancient Kentucke Historical Association. The following is from the AKHA June
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      Hello Loopers,
      My guest on 12 July 2007 is Mr. Jim Michael, president of the Ancient Kentucke Historical Association. The following is from the AKHA June newsletter
      Ancient Kentucke Historical Association

      The Ark of the Covenant Discovered

      Alan and Baram’s book The Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant will be ready at the end of June.  They are electing to publish to claim discovery now in order not to lose this to some other group who might challenge their claim.  The Ark was brought to the Tin Islands by the first king Brutus, Brute, or Bryth and his group of Khumry.  Bryth started with 3,000 Khumry, and ended with 6,000 around 600 BC.  The Ark was placed in a man-made mound and has been there ever since.  The ancient name of the mound is the “Enclosure of the Ark.”  The central area of this site is the “the Place of Worship.”  Alan and Baram have known this since 1981 but have not known how to handle this discovery.  The Ark can be seen on the magnetometer as a non-ferrous metal box of around 20” by 20” and 4’ long.  Google shows several other chambers and well-defined underground drainage ditches.  In the presentation on this discovery, I will explain several problems that the Roman church may have with this discovery.  The Apostle John told us exactly where the Ark is to be found as our research director Joe Adams outlined in his 2006 research paper The Ark and the Comet which was included with our newsletter last year.  The book has been held up and approximately ten pages have been added due to new scientific research on the temple which yields “undeniable, irrefutable, solid scientific evidence that proves the site to be absolutely correct.”


      Many of us know that the "Tin Isle" and "Land's End" have multiple ties and mentions in both the Old and New Testaments and that the "tin merchant" played a major role following the crucifixion. Jim is going to explain how the records in Wales and Cornwall help to tell the rest of that story and how the Ark ended up there. 


      I hope you can tune in Thursday, July 12th, at midnight eastern, 11PM central for this exciting segment.


      I've attached the AKHA membership registration form for those who are interested.




      In other news, the website is progressing nicely and is already approaching 40 pages. I've even learned to make my own animated buttons and such...

      I've been reasearching software that will allow live slide or video presentations to accompany the radio (audio) program and I've pretty much settled on one package that also incorporates text chat. For the folks that listen to the show live, this will be a boon, but I'm not sure how to (or if we even can) sync up the video with the audio for archive listeners. I've added links to the major mapping, overhead imaging,  and geographical information systems (GIS) sites, and I'm also researching the best message boards for possible incorporation to the site. If any of you have suggestions on message boards, I'll be happy to consider them. Also, any features you think might be useful will be considered. This site is for you, the listeners.

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