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Re: Chat with Blueotter?

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  • james m clark jr
    I feel ya Brother... have a few friends with torn rottery cups. As far as typing I ll see if I can find a voice relay for you so you wont have to type or a
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 21, 2012


      I feel ya Brother... have a few friends with torn rottery cups.  As far as typing I'll see if I can find a voice relay for you so you wont have to type or a mod version of one or the other with a intergraded user friendly interface. As far as texting for on the go. I'm sure there are a few apps for that too or see of i can find a programer that has made one underground if need be.

      I wrote most of this yesterday in which the content is in regards to international friends/phone plans vs Yahoo Messenger slightly put in more ways than one.... and the App wagon I've been on. What I'm not sure of yet is if any charge is pending by listerning aka some of us dont have a web cam or speakers...not even sure where my headset is. At any rate, it may be possible to even get rates dropped by a fraction or two. This phone plan is good idea for now but some of us are pinching pennies at the gas pump still...

      "if you're not making international calls over your phone's cellular network, you'll still need to have an international plan in place to avoid exorbitant data charges."

      It also makes sense also in mass numbers as well...people as far as in groups, not phones. Sending posts in groups is a start, but sending events in groups will have much more of an impact in half the time and perhaps rekendle some digital flames. In an organized group or groups such an effort could eventurally become spontaneous. There's no reason why groups should be or become less active... not in the 43 groups I'm in or the groups your in. Most Yahoo groups are about 15 yrs behind. I wasn't asking anyone to join the groups I listed that I'm in... but rather the groups that I will ask of to make this change and apply these options, those  in the list I sent (and the 2 I didn't send publicly) is roughly a total of about 4,200 email accounts active & bouncing in these few groups. Although I only recieve about 100 emails out of all groups which is about another 15 to 20,000. 

      This is somewhat my point in dash dash dash compaired to a long run. Yahoo Messenger and Groups Labs Chat voice option with Yahoo Messenger... International to United States $ 0.019

      US Moble Connect if I understand this correctly is stating cheeper by far than any other but that's from the U.S. to a few other countries with only up to a 2008 copyright. This is like the gas prices at an abanded gas station missing a number


      At any rate, be sure to check your current phone rates vs. Yahoo Messenger International rates.

      Perhap some global relays that is compatable with Yahoo Messenger could be cheeper... Inasmuch as in cases of regarding international cell phone plans & friends regarding events once the norm in groups becomes a regulated option in groups this could actually become cheeper for non Amercians in groups. There may also be a moded versions that intergrade Yahoo Messenger with say Skype or others that have a better interface and more user friendly also.

      Regarding a relay for Yahoo! Messenger there may be a cell phone App other than Androids for example, and Skype these seems to also be for PC's and more likey an App for older or newer gagets... it is Apps that is taking the digital world by storm.


      ... as far as relay options for an international conference.

      If AWS used the profile App in Group Labs that would be disclosed to members only my cell phone would have been included here and much more information that wouldn't need to be add to address books of any kind. Any email or webmail or cell phone book not if it's in groups. This email outlet idea is out of date for any active group. Public access and Security issues can both be delt with better with Apps. To many don't realize it now but Groups could be even more advanced than any over rated mutimedia outlet. That is excactly why I am so persistant & insisting regarding Group Managment in any group to assistant in any informed group that promotes stablity.

      It wont be any time soon but these much needed updates will provide and produce and deliver more activity. The digital world has been taken over by Apps we just have to find the right ones. Basic Apps have been in Yahoo! Group Laps the whole time... many are not aware of how much this could have changed years ago. These's no reason groups should ever become disatisfied. Groups have alot to offer we just need the right Apps... right own down to my Grandma's recipe for Lobblolly Soup.

      I would have included my additional information needed... I'm not going to pass out my personal information unless it is in Group Labs... otherwise I dread typing so much and the copy and paste thing gets just as old as Pete & Repeat.


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Prophecykeepers Foundation <prophecykeepersdotcom@...> wrote:
      > Why don't we just do a multi-caller hook up, do a roundtable discussion, and I'll record it for two hours and make it an episode. We can do it over more than one sitting if necessary.
      > I just cant sit and type for long... I have problems with my rotator cuff (shoulders) nowadays.

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