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Re: Re chicken bones and ancient waterways

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  • Susan
    Stan, Thanks for sending the post. I ve spoken with Steve Garcia at World Explorers Club (WEX) meetings in Kempton, Illinois, David Hatcher- Childress home
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 24, 2007

      Thanks for sending the post. I've spoken with Steve Garcia at World
      Explorers Club (WEX) meetings in Kempton, Illinois, David Hatcher-
      Childress' home base, clubhouse, and bookstore. Member Pam Giese from
      the Ancient Waterways group first told me about the annual Spring WEX
      conferences, I've missed the last two, and the Kempton conference was
      not held this past Spring.

      I no longer have Steve's email address, but please thank this fine
      researcher for his thought-provoking comments. We'd love to have him
      join this group and keep us updated on activities in his neck of the
      woods, also more about the book "1421".


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      <minnesotastan@...> wrote:
      > (this post arrived in my mailbox but didn't show up on the board, so
      > I've "transplanted it here" for others to view.
      > stan
      > Questions/comments arise:
      > 1. "DNA extracted from the bones also matched closely with a
      > Polynesian breed of chicken, rather than any chickens found in
      > Polynesia was settled by sailors who migrated from mainland
      > Asia, beginning about 3,000 years ago."
      > ---There is nothing in this that rules out a Chinese origin. If
      > people came to Polynesia bringing chickens, then the chickens that
      > have Polynesian DNA also have DNA that could match to some degree
      > with Chinese chickens.
      > 2. "We cannot say exactly which island the voyage came from. The DNA
      > sequence is found in chickens from Tonga, Samoa, Niue, Easter Island
      > and Hawaii,"...
      > ---Again, there is no evidence in the article that they looked for
      > Chinese chicken DNA sequences.
      > I forwarded this article to www.1421.tv, the web site of Gavin
      > Menzies and the book "1421". They were appreciative. That book is
      > awesome - answering so many things in ways no one could have
      > imagined, such as why the Piri Reis map shows Antarctica's coast
      > unglaciated. Occam's razor...
      > Steve Garcia
      > Cary, IL
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