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Re: link to PreColumbian Inscriptions

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  • james m clark jr
    Hello Susan, AWS, Had I tried or mentioned sending pics of this to you before Susan? It seems like I finally trusted you enough to and thought I did Can t view
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 16, 2012
      Hello Susan, AWS,

      Had I tried or mentioned sending pics of this to you before Susan? It seems like I finally trusted you enough to and thought I did
      Can't view pics at juno webmail may have sent them by g-mail account a few yrs back. It could have been to Dr. Watkins before he started the PBS Time Team America program from another g-mail account I can't recall the password to...HELP! And HELP! HELP! CURRENTLY I DO NOT HAVE DR. WATKINS PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS! Not that I lost it's in another account at a USA.com webmail... to infinaty and beyond lost in cyberspace help! So many now it's going on 3 yrs since last found the sign in site.

      Perhaps also due to these problems I haven't heard from BB either. She is still a member of an early group I so call moderate at YahooGroups! intended to be a Not-for-profit Org although things are looking much better these days. Thanks to Charles, Great White Eagle, Blue Otter, and Ms. English I think and other invitations to LinkedIN I have found her once again or this is an "I wish" from old Juno Webmail contacts... regardless, may need some help with this still. This is what I was talking about Sitting Owl... we will still needing help with this.

      If I still have BB's photo's she sent I will upload them to one or both of the following groups I have so-called moderated alone which has been realisticly impossible to make any real progress.

      Native2Native2 at Yahoo! is basicly the same idea both has to be a group effort and both need moderators still as our youthful ones are held in high regards and naturally welcome now more than ever. onefil... currently private and dubbed Ocmulgee at YahooGroups was initally entitled Ocmulgee National Expedition Foundation for Indigenous Life with intentions of educating not only youth but also to dispell the myths and ramped looting of artifacts which is not only a huge problem in Georgia but throughout most countries that disregard Indigenous Life, customs, concerns and so forth. Who wouldn't in their right mind be protective or even over protective.

      Come to think about it I need to email or search message at Mike's PI group and ask him why he hasn't posted my comments over the last year or so. Hopefully the Highland Rim didn't cause split ends. He may have... I'm afraid he may have taken a no responce to message somewhat as Jeff made mention of... perhaps this pretendian thing... not as he to me but as I to him. The man invited me to the Everglades... what was I to think? It wasn't so he could use my 15ft trap. He was guinuely just seeking company and I wasn't sure how to respond to that at the time. I should at least make a comment about his ansestory regarding Cherokee Chief John Jolly. To be honest searching for stone markings never crossed my mind and seaching for arrowheads isn't a hobby. At times it seems Mike refers to bones alot, and to me at that time just didn't seem like a good idea... not that I was expecting to go diging for human remains in the everglades. All he would have had to say really is Pecock Bass and that would have been good enough for me. I don't even recall a reason mentioned for inviting me to the Evergladges. Perhaps it was due to the basalt axe head found in Miami and the obsurue basalt artifact found in Macon owned by Amanda Bruce of the Tama Tribe assissisted & permission granted only though & made known by me was the agreement made (Basalt Miami axe head conclussion by Geologist was that it basically came from Macon aka Ocmulgee Old Fields/Cherokee or Creek area or Rome Georgia aka Etawah Mounds area/Cherokee). What the Geologist didn't mention is how good of a foundation this makes or no relation mentioned at all of a fault line. I don't know about you but Education without nothing is nothing. This of course was under the watchful eye of the BBC durring a code red in the US. when it was said that the scientific community was cut off. The Miami Circle documentary was flashy fascinating and dramatic. The field of geology wasn't made that appealing.

      be well,

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan" <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > Here is the link to founder Mike White's Precolumbian Inscriptions
      > YahooGroup, where some of us also met Jamey Clark, whose work with folks
      > living along ancient waterways and Tennessee's Highland Rim continues to
      > carry some of the most interesting possibilities I have encountered
      > working with ancient sociocultural studies and diffusion. I've not
      > heard anything further about the ancient stone birds and giant bones
      > found in sinkholes and caves there since initially posted years ago at
      > PreColumbian Inscriptions.
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Precolumbian_Inscriptions/
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