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Ancient Earthworks Society upcoming events-Wisconsin

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  • Susan
    Notice for upcoming Ancient Earthworks Society meetings. I was unable to pull up the attachment on my iPad, so anyone interested in attending any of these
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2012
      Notice for upcoming Ancient Earthworks Society meetings.  I was unable to pull up the attachment on my iPad, so anyone interested  in attending any of these events across the state of Wisconsin, please contact Tom Solberg (below).   
      Any members of AWS interested in the following Oct., 1991 32 paper by Ancient Earthworks Society & Dr. james P. Scherz for purchase or vianour loaner library, let me know.
      "Prehistoric Geometrical-based Art Work on the Ground: WISCONSIN'S EFFIGY MOUNDS"


      The Ancient Earthworks Society...
      dedicated to the study and preservation
      of the magnificent effigy mounds
      of Wisconsin.
      Sunday, April 15, Kenosha Museums-- See announcement (attached above and inserted below)
      April 15 The Museums of Kenosha
      May 6    The Hudson Park Mounds
      June 10  Aztalan Mounds 
      July 8     Horicon Mounds Sites
      August 12 Ice Age Trail Meets Terminal Moraine
      September TBA Annual Gathering

      Ancient Earthworks Society, Inc.

                         AES Kenosha Museum Field Trip

      Sunday, April 15 2012

      9:30 am: Meet at the Dutch Mill Park & Ride

      46 Collins Court, Madison, WI


      If you plan to attend, please RSVP Tom Solberg, event organizer, at




      We will carpool at the Park & Ride and plan to arrive at the Kenosha Public Museum at Noon (5500 First Avenue). Those who do not want to meet in Madison can meet the group at the museum but please let us know of your plans. Bring a brown bag lunch and snacks and plan to do a lot of walking. This will be a self-guided tour of up to three separate museums (self-guided tour booklets are $3 for each museum). We will do them in the following order:


      Kenosha Public Museum: A natural sciences and fine and decorative arts museum established in 1933. Its permanent exhibit features "The Wisconsin Story," an immersive multi-disciplinary experience that highlights "change in climate, the development of a variety of ecosystems, the evolution of plants and animals, and the life of Native Americans. Exhibits include coral reefs and primitive monsters of the deep, the Ice Age and the eventual melting of glaciers, the Schaefer mammoth dig, the Hebior mammoth replica, and the story of Native Americans of Wisconsin." Allow 1 hour.


      Civil War Museum: Located in the same building, the Civil War Museum uses state-of-the-art museum technology, life-size dioramas and interactive engaging exhibits to explore the social, political and economic influences that contributed to the Civil War, with an emphasis on the links between the home front and the battle front. Allow 1 hour.


      Dinosaur Discovery Museum: This nearby museum (5608 10th Avenue, a $1 streetcar ride is available) explores the link between birds and meat-eating dinosaurs, one of the most complete known fossil records. Allow ½ hour.


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