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  • Rick Osmon
    Well folks, here s the deal: I m losing the primetime slot to someone with paying advertisers. I m going to have to move the slot to compete with Conan O Brien
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2007
      Well folks, here's the deal: I'm losing the primetime slot to someone with paying advertisers. I'm going to have to move the slot to compete with Conan O'Brien and Coast to Coast AM.
      Bottom line is, I have to move to midnight Eastern. So, really the show is now on in the first hour of Friday morning for those listeners, but I will stick with "Thursdays" as my base until such time as I can move back into a primetime slot.
      From 21 June through 12 July (at least) the Oopa Loopa Cafe will be moving to midnight (eastern) on Thursday.
      What does that mean to you?
      This will have almost no impact to those who listen only to the archives (most of you), but it will make it pretty late for the east coast live listeners.
      What does it mean to me?
      Staying up later. And I have to modify all my ads and logos...
      It should have little or no effect on the quality or expertise of the featured guests or the depths of exploration we pursue. I may yawn during interviews, but that won't be a reflection on the guest...
      I hope this is of little impact to your ability to listen to the show. I truly appreciate all the feedback I receive from you fine folks and I intend to continue this weekly get together as long as I can both talk and pay the phone bill. However, I would like for you to let me know what time slot is best for the most listeners. Anything outside 7 pm to 11 pm eastern is open to me. I'm even open to changing nights, although weekends would be a bit more difficult for me.
      Here's how I need you to help: Please just reply with a day of the week and a time. I will tally them and the most votes for a time slot wins.
      I'll be changing the logo ASAP...
      If at any time you no longer wish to receive these weekly reminders, simply reply to this email and I will reluctantly and gently remove you from the list.
      Your host
      Rick Osmon, aka Oz
      Call in during show (646) 652-2720
      IM to "oopaloopacafe" on Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live messenger, during show
      Mobile (not during show, please) (812) 259-1102
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