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Re: Hidden Stonehenge (2012) by Canadian professor, Gordon Freeman

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  • Susan
    Forgot to mention to this group that at my Facebook correspondence several weeks ago, I d asked Milwaukee archaeologist, Dr. Alice Kehoe if she had read
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       Forgot to mention to this group that at my Facebook correspondence several weeks ago, I'd asked Milwaukee archaeologist,  Dr. Alice Kehoe if she had read Canada's Stonehenge.  To Larry Hancock and Terry Deveau (who Freeman told me he also sent a copy of his new book), in response to your notes to my Facebook page this evening -- and you others interested in the 5000 year old Alberta site ---  here is Alice's response to my inquiry: 

      "Yes, Susan - I read Dr. Freeman's book in manuscript at his request after several years of talking with him on revising it for publication. He is a fine scientist, and the English archaeologists working at Stonehenge should not have dismissed his discovery of an equinox sightline without seriously discussing his work with him.  (I've said this to Mike Parker-Pearson, head of the current project there, but to no avail.). As for the kilometers-long sightlines from the Majorville cairn, unfortunately there is no way to validate Freeman's hypothesis that they were used". (1/22/12 Facebook note from Dr, Alice Kehoe)

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      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan" <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > Folks,I received in the mail today a note and complimentary signed copy
      > of Dr. Gordon Freeman's new book, Hidden Stonehenge--Ancient Temple in
      > North America Reveals the Key to Ancient Wonders. As many of you know,
      > within our AWS loaner library here at my house, we have a copy of his
      > first book, Canada's Stonehenge. Bottom of my note are ten summary
      > items about Canada's Stonehenge from another web site which may intrigue
      > some of you to step into the Oxford-edicatd chemical physicist's
      > extensive and careful rrsearch. His first book is available now; this
      > newly released one will be after I get a chance to read and re-read it.
      > http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Stonehenge-Ancient-America-Reveals/dp/17802\
      > 80955-----------------------
      > [http://0.gravatar.com/avatar/ad516503a11cd5ca435acc9bb6523536?s=48]
      > December 24, 2011 at 5:06 am
      > <http://solarlightspros.com/299/color-changing-solar-lights-canada/#comm\
      > ent-1134>
      > 'The discovery of the Canadian Stonehenge an ancient structure — How
      > will that change society?
      > In a remote location west of Brooks, Alberta, scientist Gordon Freeman
      > discovered a Sun Temple that pre-dates Stonehenge. According to Freeman,
      > it was constructed some 5000 years ago by the Oxbow People, and contains
      > a solar calendar like ours, but slightly more accurate. He states that
      > the site also contains a detailed lunar calendar. During field work in
      > England from 1986 to 2006, Freeman found striking similarities between
      > the surface geometries of Stonehenge and this site, findings which have
      > far-reaching historical implications...
      > 1. Genius existed on the North American Great Plains 5000 years ago.
      > Genius existed around the world, independent of longitude, as it does
      > now.
      > 2. In southern Alberta a 5000-year-old Temple to the Sun, Moon and
      > Morning Star has been discovered. It is a complex, lace-like pattern of
      > stones extending over an area of about thirty square kilometres
      > (equivalent to about 35 x 35 city blocks).
      > 3. The Temple contains a calendar, a solar calendar like ours. The
      > calendar is so accurate that it exposed a deception in the revision of
      > our (European) calendar by Pope Gregory XIII in AD 1582.
      > 4. The Temple also contains a lunar calendar that marks the monthly
      > cycle of visible Moon shapes, and the nineteen-year cycle of Full Moon
      > rise and set positions on the horizon near the Solstice times.
      > 5. Stonehenge in England contains the same solar and lunar calendars as
      > the Temple in Alberta. The Stonehenge calendars are about seven
      > centuries younger than the ones in Canada.
      > 6. The solar and lunar calendars in Stonehenge are entwined with
      > exquisite artistry. They are displayed here for the first time in
      > history.
      > 7. A Sun Temple with a solar calendar has been discovered on Preseli
      > Mountain in Wales. Preseli Mountain is the source of the
      > "Bluestones" in Stonehenge. The Temple on Preseli Mountain might
      > be contemporary with the Temple in Alberta. It is intriguing that the
      > Temples are at nearly the same latitude and separated by a continent and
      > an ocean.
      > 8. New light has been shone on the King Arthur legends. They might be
      > rooted in myths 3000 years older than previously thought.
      > 9. Colour photographs and maps clearly illustrate Freeman's findings
      > throughout Canada's Stonehenge.
      > 10. The same accurate solar calendar exists on Fajada Butte in Chaco
      > Canyon, New Mexico.'
      > (from:
      > http://solarlightspros.com/299/color-changing-solar-lights-canada/
      > <http://solarlightspros.com/299/color-changing-solar-lights-canada/> )
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