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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: Pequaming, Michigan

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    To put it mildly, revolutionary efforts to subvert the message of the New Testament, such as the late Mr. Zinn advocated, are incompatible with my ideals,
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 6, 2012
      To put it mildly, revolutionary efforts to subvert the message of the New Testament, such as the late Mr. Zinn advocated, are incompatible with my ideals, methods, and objectives.

      "Oh liberty, what crimes are committed in your name!"
      --last recorded words of Mme. Roland de Planaire, a Girondist moderate, on the occasion of her execution by French Revolutionaries

      Jeff Lewin

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      Mr. Lewin might start with the book 1491 or with Zinn's History of America to begin his study of the relations of first nation history and those who came later.
      On Mar 5, 2012, at 7:18 PM, Susan wrote:


      Welcome to the new member, joinmox100  
      Please feel free to introduce yourself, and sign with at least a first name
      or nickname-especially all of you members 
      here with long screen names.
      Soon  as I know incoming members are not Spam messages
       (which appens fairly regularly), 
      i will email you a welcome letter.  

      The following is from a chapter by Gavin Menzies who was brought
      up a few days ago re: yhr Michigan stone circle.  Retired Professor
      Jim Scherz, a member of our group, is mentioned.  I've not yet read
      any of Menzies' books. 

      Cal, i did  not know there was an instrument called an arrow remover;
       found a photo of one type from the 1500's...ouch):
      Below is a book by Ron Stiebe about the area near Pequaming on Lake
       Superior. We have two copies in our loaner library that I'd be glad to
      mail any members. Just know it is early historic.  .Anyone planning to
      travel in the area of Pequaming, Keweenaw Bay, etc. there is a large
      wooded campground on the Sand Point beach run by the Keweenaw
       Bay Indian Community. A huge pow wow there draws thousands every year. 

      Ojibwa Campground, $8/night:

      Map shows location in Baraga, Michigan (Upper Peninsula).


      Ron Stiebe
      Mystery People of the Cove: A History Of The Lake Superior Ouinipegou  
       "The book is a discussion of the early inhabitants of Sand Pointe. Ron, through 
      careful study, has identified these Woodland Indians and has changed the Nicolet 
      theory. His section, "Nicolet Myth and The Real Journey" will give you a clear 
      understanding of how the historians placed him in Green Bay when in truth he
      was here in Baraga County! The book contains many interesting photos and side
       stories, including the rock chirns of Pequaming, The Bentzen Stone, carved in
      1647, The Mystery Stone a Dolmen found in the Huron Mountains along with
      documentation of early traders and missionaries."  (From Baraga County
      Historical Museum website)
      To access previous Posts from our group in regard to any subject,  go to
      the Messages page and insert the subject matter such as "Beaver  island,"
       "Lake Michigan stone circle", etc.  even the name of a group member into
       the browser.  You should get all messages/responses  from the last three
       or four years on that topic or person listed. 

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