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Ohio Mound News

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  • Ted Sojka
    Note: Newark, Ohio is the terminus of a sixty mile ceremonial road, according to some, that led from Chillcote to Newark. it is still visible from the air, as
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      Newark, Ohio is the terminus of a sixty mile ceremonial road, according to some, that led from Chillcote to Newark.  it is still visible from the air, as parallel mounds lined each side of the path
      Newark is the site of the Great Circle Mound, the Octagons and another great circle, that are called geo glyphs by some.  They mark things on the earth that relate to happenings in the sky.  The sides of the Octagon mark the 18.6 year lunar cycles with the rising of the moon and the angles of the structure.  If you travel through Ohio on I 70 it is worth a stop to see these pieces of ancient architecture that George Kennedy of the Smithsonian called America's first architecture.  

      Dear Moundbuilders,
      I applaud the effort but live to far from Ohio to be of help in this matter.  Remains from many museums have been returned around the country, but many are left to be returned to the earth.  Good luck to those in Ohio doing the right thing.  I treasure memories of visits to the mounds there and to the people I have met. Returning remains is important to many.  Some believe that to disturb a burial by even taking out an artifact like a flint blade, cheats that person's spirit in the afterlife.  Remember what archeologist Clark R. Mallam said,  one man's superstition is another's religion. 

      Be well,
      Ted Sojka
      Native Earthworks Preservation / Iowa
      On Feb 9, 2012, at 9:33 AM, jackieswarner wrote:

      I had a meeting yesterday with Duane Flowers who is running for Licking County Commissioner. I addressed the various issues revolving around Licking County's mounds and their sacred importance to so many of us. Duane had touched on the topic in one of his fundraisers and sparked my interest in speaking with him, whom I've known for many years thru the Licking Valley Hertiage Society and their reopening of Flint Ridge. He supports our passion in educating and doing what he can to improve the treatment and Native American sacredness of these various sites. 
      A burial of an Indian woman was found years ago in Hanover when building a house there. It was found on his father's land and they immediately stopped and brought in Ohio State University. Ohio State took her to Coulumbus and she has yet to be returned and buried properly. Duane is currently persuing (with or without our votes) to have her returned and bury her with the respect and honor as she is due at Flint Ridge with a memorial in her honor. I hope many of you read this and support him. 


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