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Mr. Crichton Miller and the Celtic Cross

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  • Rick Osmon
    This week, 9 PM Eastern, 19 April 2007, we welcome our first international guest, Mr. Crichton Miller, author of The Golden Thread of Time .
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      This week, 9 PM Eastern, 19 April 2007, we welcome our first international guest, Mr. Crichton Miller, author of "The Golden Thread of Time".



      The Wheel Cross allows the navigation of the planet without a time piece, the discovery of Nature's mathematics and the construction of ancient sacred buildings in line with astrology. The philosophy behind all the great religions rest within what the cross reveals.

      ISBN 0954163907


      The ancient scientific and spiritual wisdom that has shaped our present and still influences our future can be your inheritance and your descendants'.

      It is a forgotten system that reaches back beyond the current established religions, further than Ancient Egypt or Sumerian into an age where Mankind lived in harmony with Nature.

      The work explains how a Star Cult was born of necessity, leading to the concepts of a Sun God in Heaven that still exists in fragmented form today.

      How did a scientific and spiritual instrument from the stone age become hidden and lost in our full view?

      Crichton E M Miller was born in Glasgow, Scotland on the 25th August 1949 he will be remembered by history as the man who patented the Celtic cross.

      Brought up in the post war wild country on the coast of the West of Scotland, he learned to sail at an early age and has since navigated the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea and the Mediterranean often single handling various sailing boats in calms and storms.

      A self motivated, free thinking and highly accomplished entrepreneur, Crichton is also an amateur historian, navigator, inventor and religious researcher.

      Following the ancient human desire to make sense of the world into which we are born his search for answers to Ancient Mysteries has been the quest of a life time resulting in a solution as exquisite in its beauty and perfect in its simplicity so as to render even the most sceptical observer speechless.

      In 1997 after years of intense thought, research and practical experiments, Crichton made a historical discovery of an ancient artefact that was highly controversial and attracting the attention of the worldÂ’s media resulted in interviews, articles, reports, website discussions, personal lectures and a book The Golden Thread of Time followed by a DVD The Cross of Thoth released through Reality Entertainment in 2007.

      Demonstrated at Cambridge University in October 2006, essentially, what Crichton has achieved is to re-discover an ancient and prehistoric instrument that had once translated Natures mathematics into a usable format for our ancestors on a world wide basis in pre history.

      This instrument made it possible by measuring the angular changes of the earth and moon through their spin and orbit allowed ancient people to predict the cyclical forces of order and chaos we know today as time.

      It was by measuring these changes based on the zodiacs of fixed stars that this ancient computer allowing them to survive in an unstable, volatile and changing world.

      After further years of research, Crichton, unrestrained by dogma or doctrine and having no peer group pressure has been able to complete a jigsaw of seemingly unrelated missing pieces of information separated by continents, time, mythology, history and religion to uncover a mysterious yet essential knowledge that led to our current sciences and spiritual world view.

      His research is a gift to those genuinely seeking truth.


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