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2nd Edit Mystery Solved Experts Stumped by Ancient Jerusalem Markings

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  • joe white
    O siyo Blueotter, Please get this up on your web site ASAP, this is hot. The Mystery of the Experts Stumped by Ancient Jerusalem Markings has been solved by
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      O'siyo Blueotter,
      Please get this up on your web site ASAP,  this is hot.
      The Mystery of the "Experts Stumped by Ancient Jerusalem Markings" has been solved by
      the Research Team of
      the Cherokee/Israel Connection Team of the Cherokee of the 1806 Congressional Reservation,
      located in southern middle Tennessee, and north Alabama,  #1 Public Square, Lawrenceburg,  TN
      38464-3331,  931 762 3733  joe_white@... ;
      The Mystery was instantly solved because of the research of 55 years of Joe Sitting Owl White,
      20 years of Wayne Big Abraham May of Ancient American Magazine, ??? years of Scott Wolter PG, President of the
      American Petrographic Services, Inc., and many others of the Team.  An email went out to see if we could
      concur.  This Team is responsible for the largest Cherokee DNA Project in the World that Proved that the Cherokee
      are descendants of "The House of Israel", DNA Consultants, Donald Panther-Yates, Phd., and
      the most recent findings of the Tennessee Artifact known as
      the "Bat Creek Stone" a Paleo Hebrew artifact, that reads "A Comet for Juda", Leslie Little Moses Kalen,
      team leader of the Bat Creek Stone Research Project, and "The Jubilee Stone" all
      published on the Front Cover of Ancient American Magazine, an international magazine,
       back issues available from Wayne May.
      All of these are some of the most important Archaeological Findings of this Century.
      To quote Scott Wolter PG, "These carvings look like the chalice, and the blade/peak/sword/phallic
      symbols of the representing male/female, etc."  "We know they are ancient, and comprise the essence
      of the Hooked X ideology".  Scott is correct, and this ancient symbol has been inscribed in stone
      all over the world.  A visual reminder of how to make an Ancient Israel Sacred Scale.  Scott goes on to say, "There's no question the symbol goes back as far as this site (~2800 year B. P.) and in fact further back to
      the Egyptian pharaohs".
      The discovery of the "Ancient Sacred Israel Weights, and Measurements Room" is the most important
      Biblical Archaeological Find in The Holy Land of this Century, and would be the ancient equivalent
      of the United States, & the United Kingdom, Weights, and Measurements Standards.
      Hot metal would have been pored into the deep groves, thus forming a mold of metal that would
      have been sanded, and filed down to produce the exact tool needed in the use of the
      Ancient Israel Sacred Weights, and Measures Instruments, that would have been used in
      building the Holy Temples.  This find will be of major importance in studying the Ancient Israel
      Sacred Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, and Sacred Physics.
      These components can be used to form an interlocking "Star of David", also.
      The small deep grove would be the mold for the Sacred Israel Cubit of the era, the other two deep groves would be
      used to establish an accurate degree angle.  The photos of these deep groves are not good enough
      for accuracy of the degrees of the angles, or length.  Roughly 48 degrees, 60 degrees, and 77 degrees
      by overlaying a cheap plastic compass.  The deep grove with a weight on it, is a weight scale of an exact
      amount that would have been the standard of an Ancient Israel era.  It is very similar to the easy to use scales
      that we used in the cotton field to weigh the amount of cotton picked per day, in order
      to pay the cotton pickers their hard earned cash.
      Ancient Israel was noted for their expertise in making files, to finish wood, metal, and stone.
      To release the cold metal from the deep groves is easy by making a few taps with a hammer, and
      the rough tool is released, and actually pops out of the mold.
      Shalom,   Gah gey you e,  ..l  ,  ////
      Joe Sitting Owl White
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