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  • Rick Osmon
    There is still some confusion on how to listen to the show Go to http://blogtalkradio.com/oopa-loopa-cafe and at the time slot, click on Listen Live . Show
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      There is still some confusion on how to listen to the show

      Go to


      and at the time slot, click on "Listen Live". Show will start promptly
      at 9 PM Eastern.

      At any time, you can listen to the archived shows.

      No log in, user name, password, etc. is required to listen (one of the
      more confusing aspects of the way blogtalkradio set up the page). Only
      the hosts (me) have to log in.

      Enjoy. If you want, feel free to call in during the latter part of the
      show and speak with Frank or me.

      The call in number is (646) 652-2720 (not toll free, not yet).


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Osmon"
      <ozman@...> wrote:
      > Greetings all,
      > Tonight's guest is Frank Joseph, prolific writer and researcher.
      Frank will
      > discuss his most recent book Opening the Ark of the Convenent.
      > This show also marks our move to the 9 PM eastern / 8 Central time slot.
      > Frank Joseph and his book "Opening the Ark of the Covenent", April 12th
      > Frank Joaeph is a very careful and thorough researcher and a prolific
      > writer. His latest work is "Opening the Ark of the Covenent". It's
      > on Amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble.
      > amazon
      > Editorial Reviews
      > Book Description
      > The Ark of the Covenant is at once the most famous and baffling
      article in
      > history. Although it is cited more often than any other object
      > the Old Testament and was described as the ancient Hebrews' most
      > possession, its real meaning and ultimate fate were utterly
      > now.
      > During his worldwide research into its disappearance, author Frank
      > learned that the Ark was not a mere legend; nor was it just an
      elaborate box
      > used to store the original Ten Commandments. It was, he asserts,
      > purpose-built to harness the powers of the Earth for humanity's
      > physical existence and spiritual evolution. As such, it is the
      single most
      > priceless fortune mankind has ever possessed.
      > Following the Ark through the Book of Exodus, he discovered its lineage
      > pre-dated the Bible, extending back in time to ancient Egypt and
      stories of
      > lost Atlantis. Joseph traced the exact circumstances of the Ark's
      > rediscovery under Jerusalem's Temple Mount by the Knights Templar.
      > found the precious object, they returned with it to France, where its
      > clandestine journey across Europe would last for the next 800 years.
      > Opening the Ark of the Covenant is the result of a quarter-century-long
      > investigation. It leads from the sea-bottom off the coast of Florida
      to the
      > remote heights of France�s Pyrenees Mountains and Japan's secret
      > from the Nile Valley to the Valley of Mexico. This uniquely far-flung,
      > in-depth hunt for the truth about mankind�s most valuable possession
      > the Ark's actual function, purpose and location.
      > Opening the Ark of the Covenant is a fact-based examination of the
      Arks real
      > origins, manufactured purpose, historical application, and present
      > whereabouts. Revealing its genuine nature and ultimate destiny
      > the most profound disclosure of its kind, powerful enough to shake the
      > foundations of established religions and modern science alike.
      > From the Back Cover
      > "In their exciting new book Opening the Ark of the Covenant, Frank
      > and Laura Beaudoin amass an almost staggering amount of scholarly
      > But no reader, experienced or novice to works of such magnitude,
      should be
      > put off by the multilayered investigations revealed in this book.
      The text
      > moves along with dramatic twists and turns and surprises, and
      readers will
      > find themselves literally swept away by one astonishing revelation after
      > another.
      > Joseph and Beaudoin discover the "ark" first as an amazing power
      source in
      > the ancient land of Lemuria, then follow it to Atlantis, Egypt,
      > France, and its possible present resting place. Whether this
      instrument of
      > unmeasurable spiritual and physical power is known as the Phoenix
      Stone, the
      > Fire Stone, the Transformer of the World, the Emerald Tablet, or the
      Ark of
      > the Covenant, it has been guarded throughout its vast history by such
      > mysterious secret societies as the Tuoaic Brotherhood of Atlantis, the
      > Watchers of Giza, the Levite Priesthood, the Order of the Holy
      > the Templars, the Cathars, or the Ville-Maries. Truly, this superb
      work will
      > convince the most aloof reader that the Stone of Destiny, wherever its
      > present location, retains its power and continues to shape the
      future of the
      > world."
      > --Brad Steiger, author of Atlantis Rising and Revelation: The Divine
      > "Opening the Ark of the Covenant, take us on a whirlwind journey
      filled with
      > people of many cultures, with places around the world, and with
      things that
      > ultimately are part of one of humankind's greatest mysteries. What
      > is the Ark of the Covenant? Where did it come from? Where is it now? The
      > answers you find in this new work will surprise, excite and sometimes
      > perhaps even frighten you, but will always hold you tightly and in
      > The Ark of many names, the cultures of many faces, the particulars of
      > various individuals and their roles in the mystery all come together
      here to
      > prove that neither history nor the future are any longer what they
      used to
      > be."
      > --Lee Pennington, JOLE Productions, Producer of archaeological
      > documentaries, including Petroglyphs of Polynesia and Vikings in America
      > "In a thorough effort, author Frank Joseph weaves a tapestry with
      world wide
      > weft threads of human memory woven into warp threads of 11,600
      years. The
      > resulting depiction of the travels of the Ark of the Covenant
      reveals many
      > new facets for closer examination. Joseph, who follows a consistent
      > about the powers of the stone within the Ark, skillfully weaves past and
      > recent events into the image."
      > --Myron Paine, Ph D, author of Frozen Trail to Merica
      > Your host
      > Rick Osmon, aka Oz
      > If you no longer wish to recieve weekly reminders, reply to this
      email and I
      > will remove you from the list ever so gently and reluctantly.
      > During show, call (646) 652- 2720 (long distance charges may apply)
      > or instant message to oopaloopacafe
      > on Yahoo Messenger or Windows Live Messenger
      > Mobile (812) 259-1102 (not during the live show, please)
      > Email: ozman@...
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