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aprnews Battered by Irene, Vt. Warned Of More Flooding 9/4/11

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  • james m clark jr
    additional note added - jmcjr Battered by Irene, Vt. Warned Of More Flooding by The Associated Press text size A A A September 4, 2011 When the rain-swollen
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      additional note added - jmcjr

      Battered by Irene, Vt. Warned Of More Flooding

      by The Associated Press

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      September 4, 2011

      When the rain-swollen White River rose up and overflowed, it laid waste to the 125-year-old Perley dairy farm.

      Cows were carried away. Tractors and trucks were inundated with muddy floodwaters. The water took out a road, destroyed the first floor of the farmhouse, lifted a 6-foot long tank where milk is stored, knocked out power and smothered fields in the 10-acre spread.

      "I don't know what we're going to do, but we're going to make it," said farm manager Penny Severance, 48, fighting back tears as she showed the damage to a visitor.

      But help was already on the way.

      On Sunday, more than two dozen volunteers donned gloves and protective masks to get to work ripping out the flood-damaged walls and floors in a bid to save the farmhouse. Farm owner Harland Perley, 81, had been moved to safety before the floods came.

      rest at:


      Couldn't help but wonder about Handcock Larry and the safety of many others on the East Coast and Canada. It may be weeks or months before we hear from some without power. My grandmother is fine in York, Pennsylvania. Thank goodness she called yesterday. Currently I have no TV stations and the radio stays on and internet more than usual -- every twitter favorite is even news.

      I haven't checked calendar at AWS yet, but I've started a timeline at dipity on the 29th of August called 'Come on Irene' http://www.dipity.com/mirageinspectorJay/Come-On-Irene/

      Come to think about it I don't recall ever being at AWS this time of year when the hurricanes start to scatter in a bowling pin like mannor.

      ... so if any live along the path of Irene or recieved reports via word or assessment of damage of sacred sites, noted facilities and or reservational concerns for various tribes & clan, museums, and of course AWS members in and around such paths as input is dwindleling in fairly active and usually vary active groups. Tornado watch # 839 was just anounced on the radio.

      The dipity timeline features include limited map and sat locations, video, and single photo options for each event added which can be viewed in a timeline slide. If you want you can create your own. It is a bit different and the concept format unique yet basically in it's tottler years. There is a free timeline limit of 3 subjects although I'm not aware of additional or permissable user names, but if so such a timeline could be broken down to focus on a particular subject of interest.

      Although not necessarily due just to the recent earthquake, grids had already been observed effected along with NASA's assesment of unusually large solar flars that's partly responsible for suspected for global grid delays of two weeks as powerful and as fast as they are. This not only effects problems from one region to another, Yahoo for instance it also effects your direct deposit account as was a case here in Georgia and an SSI client.


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