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    Hi Jon ~ My (three) sites are on the bluff an slopes across the river from the town of Monongahela, PA. One is about half-way up a slope of at least 45 deg.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2011
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      Hi Jon  ~
      My (three) sites are on the bluff an slopes across the river from the town of Monongahela, PA.
      One is about half-way up a slope of at least 45 deg. that I could see no way of approach except to rope down from atop the bluff until I noticed a cave entrance on the river bank below, Due to the vegetation, this site is not now approachable but I intend to check it out again after the leaves fall.
      Site #2 is a large rock that isn't supposed to be there. I haven't found it yet but hope to make it up there when the health of my contact permits us.
      Site #3 is the most promising. I couldn't find it last winter even tho I rappelled up and down about a half-mile of the slope but my son and I located it last April with the help of my above contact and google. It is the outline of a structure atop the bluff which measures 125-feet long and with two round features half-way down
      the slope which could be ballista locations. Due to the heavy briars, lack of gloves and machete and permission from the property owners, we couldn't pursue this further but will follow it up again in the fall.
      The above-ground stones of the structure are gone but I understand that they were incorporated in an aged barn about a half-mile away that I intend to photograph shortly. My informant tells me that they are of cut red sandstone, not native to the area, which he also found when excavating the site about five-years ago. Do I hear Redstone Old Fort?
      On a side-note, I was using my dowsing rods and didn't realize at the time that there was a microwave transmitter in proximity to the "fort" location. I wouldn't have known better anyhow, but my copper rods picked up the microwaves which traveled through my body to the damp soil, and within a half-hour had totally burned the bottoms off my Timberline boots. So I couldn't make it over to photograph the barn that day as, besides no boots, my energy was totally sapped by this time.
       I informed Timberline and the American Dowsing Society as a matter of interest, but neither cared enough to reply. The perils of historic research!
      Sorry if this is too lengthy, but you did ask. I am forwarding this to Rick, David Cain, MES and Ancient Warterways. The latter might care to get involved in our "project" but due to recent vandalism on my monolith, I am not going to be free with the location of this possible fort.
      In a message dated 6/23/2011 6:45:15 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, jon@... writes:
      Keep me posted on the complex you are working on. I would like to know more about it.
      Jon R. Haskell, Partner
      History Revealed Media


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