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Welcome two more newcomers

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  • Susan
    My apologies for not greeting the two newest members from last week but I have been ill and unable to get to the library computer. Welcome to Ruby Alba
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2011
      My apologies for not greeting the two newest members from last week but I have been ill and unable to get to the library computer.   Welcome to Ruby Alba (rubyalba@... ) and Larry Mulligan (mull1562@... ), the latter of whom I believe has been mentioned via NEARA circles.  Soon as the library computers will allow me, I will send you the AWS greeting letter which mentions a rather lengthy list of members who do not mind my including their links, articles, books, demographic information, etc.

      Many of you have been submitting some fine articles the past few months.  Thank you so very much.  At the library here I am running prints of a number of articles, posts, and data from Posts sent by the membership, including the one by Renoud on the most recent article.  Renoud, does John White have a copy of this? 

      One of those first interested in the founding of Ancient Waterways Society, Dr. Jim Scherz, had suggested that this group would be a fine site for the submission of articles, papers and other avenues of research. Thank you again, each of you.  Also for your support and encouragement of each other.

      Here is a fine news article emailed to me by Kentucky member, Lee Pennington, who many of you know recently lost his wife Joy. 

      http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20110612/FEATURES/306120024/1045/scene/Domains-Lee-Pennington-filmmaker?odyssey=mod|newswell|img|Entertainment|p  Lee will be speaking and/or showing one of their films at the upcoming AAPS Conference in September in Marquette, Michigan.  I am hoping to be recovered enough to attend and set up a table.  More on that later; a number of folks from this group will be attending, so let it be known if you are planning on attending.  Tables are available for those selling books, DVD's, or displaying collections, research.

      I've not had a chance to check the new files, photos, yet. More in a few days when I get back to the library; my hour is almost up.  Susan

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