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Re: only the "Rod of Aaron" is spokesman for ben Yoseif

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      Prophecykeepers Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Foundation and a Congressional District Program at http://www.Prophecykeepers.com. The White Roots of Peace Council was founded by the late 6 Nations Peacemaker Mad Bear Anderson, Sachem of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. We tell the unpopular truths of prophecy that others are afraid to tell... and cannot profit from.

      Dear Dottie and ben Yoseif,

      This situation reminds me of the Indian that saw a poor snake laying on the ground, frozen, so he took the snake to his breast. He warmed it,
      and the snake revived... and the then the snake bit his benefactor on the breast. As the Indian man was dying he asked
      "But why... Why.... WHY!"

      ...to which the the snake simply replied "Well, you know I was a snake when you picked me up."

      By the way, John Red Hat DID reprove me for being naive... and I was... and I still am. So is Chief Joe Sitting Owl. We are so naive as to think that native people can EVER come together in peace.

      Indians are not even as smart as black people, who KNOW how to organize.

      So  we see that the rules of "love does not try to hurt" only apply to others, and not to you.

      If Love does not try to hurt... why did you come to Cabool, MO and slander John Red Hat
      before he was even cold in his grave?
      Your statement to us -- while Betty, you and I sat in a restaurant, and as we fed YOU a meal, was "John was not who you think he was." "John was a homosexual." "John was this" and "John was that." It was disgusting, but like idiots, we felt sorry for you..

      When I got to Walsenburg in July of 2009, your statement to ben Yoseif was John Red Hat was a fraud... and ben Yoseif said THEN to you, as we sat in a sweltering 5th wheel that July 4th evening,  "If John was a fraud, then what does that say about you, Dottie?"

      If "Love does not try to hurt" (as you wrote to Chief Joe Sitting Owl)... why on earth did you, a person who is emotionally challenged  (if not mentally ill and delusional, and who claimed to be "White Buffalo Calf Woman) tell ben Yoseif that I was "dysfunctional," particularly after Betty and I housed you FREE for a year (and beyond), paid all your utilities free for a year, gave you a chest freezer full to the brim with food fed you, provided you friendship and love EVEN THOUGH you slandered our beloved John Red Hat? ben Yoseif and I had a good relationship before all this. I drove jim through the worst snowstorm in 100 years (according to the Weather Channel) to his destination in the Idaho panhandle just as I was becoming homeless. I remember he didn't like the way my feet smelled as he tried to get to sleep in the motel ext to me. I had worn the same pair of socks for 10 days, fearing for my safety with Laura as I opacked up my truck to leave. Laura's entire family KNOWS is mentally ill.

      ben Yoseif said of Laura (when we were still friends) "She is mentally unbalanced." NOW he says "Laura threw Scottie out." Laura contacted me (a LIE) Scotties son contacted me (a LIE) My son Joe doesn't know ben Yoseif from Adam, much less have his email address. I witnessed ben Yoseif verbally abuse his son Aharon the second day I was there in Walsenburg. I am glad to see he is healing with his son, because he was grieving when I left. He just could not understand why. I understood.

      ben Yoseif has his own problems. I know... I used to run a psych ward for juvenile offenders.. twice. He doesn't know how to treat people well. He doesn't play well with others. He has a long record of burning bridges with friends. He needs to grow past his childhood trauma, and wake up, and stop being a "victim."

      If Love does not try to hurt... then why did you, Dottie, insist on practicing replacement theology, and change John Red Hat's core teachings? The books you wrote are very nice, full of love and stardust and pixie dust, but they are NOT John Red Hat's teachings!

      I promoted them, and you, for many years now... and now you slander me? To what end and for what purpose?

      Was it just to cover your own sin of stealing my expensive Fiskars shovel? OOPS! You were found out... hurry hurry, cover your sins!

      If Love does not try to hurt... why do you, the POT call the kettle black?

      I think we all know why.

      Dottie, you forget most of your own family (according to your statement to Betty and I) has for the most part banished you from them... and now you treat your adopted family like
      dog shit?

      Don't forget, I have contact information for your family. You don't EVEN want to go there.

      You don't EVEN want me to contact the Attorney General of Colorado State and report that you perjured yourself on your 501(c)3 corporate renewal.

      All I ask is that you confess your sins and clean up your act.

      But you know what? That would require you to take a close look at yourself, so you probably won't... and then you will die with
      this grievous sin of character assassination hanging over your head, BUT you will be forgiven BECAUSE you are NOT in your right mind,
      but my character will have been nonetheless assassinated.

      Dottie, You know you are mentally ill. I know it, and even ben Yoseif KNEW it when he was first introduced to you, BY ME!
      John Red Hat knew it, and warned me about it. You sat right there next to me on John's beat up old couch outside Laguna, NM, and you told
      me you were 'White Buffalo Calf Woman.'  It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud, because there are MANY other women out there, all Newagers, all non-native -- that make that totally insane claim.

      ...and you also told me some other fantasies that I have long ago forgotten...

      When you were out of the room John said "If you ever meet someone who thinks they are somebody... RUN!"

      John knew what we do is JUST A JOB, and we have to stay balanced and focused.

      WOW... ben Yoseif told me that just after you guys got together, you raced to Chattanooga to get to a meeting ahead of him,
      and then announced to those gathered there that you and ben Yoseif were MARRIED! What was up with that?

      Dottie, YOU are responsible for this horrible situation.

      I HATE to have to defend myself, but I will IF you don't fix this situation. First I contact YOUR family. Then, if you dont fix this
      situation between ben Yoseif and I, then I will have no choice but to contact Colorado authorities.

      You have 30 days from this date to come clean, confess, and backtrack... by NOON, July 7, 2011 or I make contact with your family first... and 30 more days before I contact law enforcement authorities.

      ben Yoseif has his own demons. Only a person with emotional disabilities would believe a crazy man like Mark Motyka, who has been of of his psych meds for 15 years that I stole money from him. Even the cops in Siskiyou county apparently didn't believe it, because I was never even questioned, and I was
      there for 3 weeks after he committed crimes involving the felonious discharge of a high-powered rifles in the general direction
      of 4 adults and two small children. Yes, I was forced to call the cops on him. I still have Mark Motyka's mothers home telephone number,
      and she will back me up that he is VERY mentally ill.

      In his rage, Mark Motyka completely destroyed my $10,000 Chevrolet Truck which I had to leave on his property because I was powerless
      to retrieve it. My Mormon bishop will back me up on all that happened there... and so will Marks's other friends around town, whom he has also victimized.

      The "ball is in your court," Dottie... Will you confess your sins, or with you soon be bawling in a Colorado courtroom sometime soon?

      That situation would, at the very least, land you in a psychiatric ward... if not in prison.

      Perjury IS a felony.

      Now since ben Yoseif threw me out, I was angry, but I have continued to link to him, providing him with 90% (proveable) of the hits to hit website. I have not harmed his reputation publicly. ben Yoseif admitted a few days ago in an email voluntarily that he gave a BAD REPORT (forbidden by Torah) of me to Chief Joe Sitting Owl, who didn't know me from Adam.

      Well, the Chief knows me now.

      As far as I am concerned this Cherokee town is big enough for both ben Yoseif and I.

      Let's see if ben Yoseif grows up and quits asking people like me, Jimmy Ten Rivers, and Abe Walking Bear to "kiss his ass" as Jimmy so aptly put it. He need to grow up and stop imagining HE is "someone" and just did the job Creator gave him.

      A bigger egotist I never met.

      ...and someday, ben Yoseif will be bitten by you. It is the way of it. He must learn to be discerning, learn who his real Cherokee friends (and authorities) are, but as long as he is depending on you to pay his utilities and feed him, he probably never will.

      ben Yoseif will learn that being an elder involves more than just making the claim. He may be a Joeish elder, but a Cherokee elder, or by definition , any other kind of Native American "elder" he is not.

      If I have such a bad reputation, then why do real Cherokee elders like John "Red Hat" Duke, CNO storyteller Choogie Kingfisher, Cheroke Nation of Mexico Chief Charles "Jahtoli" Rogers, Texas Cherokee Chief Pappy Hicks, Oklevueha Chief James Mooney, Nottoway Chief Norbert Johnson, Sac River and White River Chickamauga Cherokee Adawehi Gr. Richard "Starbuck" Craker, Etowah Chief Hugh Gibbs, Tommy "Talks to White Buffalo" North (Adawehi-for-life, Cherokee Nation of Tejas) and many others... like Oglala Sioux author Ed McGaa, Russell Means, aka The Most Famous Indian In The World -- all respect me?  

      I DO proudly have a BAD reputation with all the phonies, fakes, frauds, apples, government hangs-around-the-fort BIA type Indians, who have branded me and many others (including Maggid ben Yoseif and Jimmy Ten Rivers) Chief Joe Sitting Owl as frauds.

      Dottie, you WILL eventually BITE the hand that feeds you... it's what mad dogs and poisonous snakes do to people who pick them up and give them shelter from the storm.

      I hope you will make the right decision. The wrong decision will probably land you in water hotter than even snakes can endure.

      I take no pleasure in writing this, BUT I feel I must defend myself. It's my human right.

      From: joe white <joe_white@...>
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      Sent: Sun, June 5, 2011 1:12:14 PM
      Subject: Re: Scottie, try to be a Cherokee far, far from me

      Have you ever heard of, or had to practice tough love.
      Sometimes it is absolutely necessary, and very forgivable,
      and I am not taking sides.  Only Truth!!!!
      Shalom,   Gah gey you e,
      Sitting Owl
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      Subject: Re: Scottie, try to be a Cherokee far, far from me

      Love does not try to hurt...
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      Date: Sunday, June 05, 2011 7:15:21 am
      To: benyoseif@...;prophecykeepersdotcom@...
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      From: joe white <joe_white@...>
      Subject: Re: Scottie, try to be a Cherokee far, far from me

      O'siyo Brothers, and Sisters,

      Shalom to ALL!!!!

      All of us took the same Psych courses at the University.
      There is a fine line between Love, and Hate.

      All of us have issues that we must address daily, we
      must die to these issue daily, and rid ourselves of them.
      Sometimes it is instant, other issues take a lot of prayer,
      and time, but ALL can be overcome.

      Brother Ben Yoseif, I hope that you will take the time to
      carefully read all of the 1st email from Brother Blueotter.
      I have read it two times, and I DO understand where he is
      coming from.  I spent 3 days looking Brother Blueotter
      square in the eyes, and listened very carefully to every

      Our Brother Blueotter truly LOVES you more than anyone can
      realize.  He would do, or try anything to help you.  We agreed
      to so many compliments he spoke of you, that I cannot count
      them.  He LOVES you Brother Yoseif, and sincerely admires
      your talents, and knowledge.

      The Email is full of love, and humor, and a desperate attempt
      to help, and make things right. 

      The problems of the past must be buried with the hatchet, and
      The TRUE BROTHER SHALOM reestablished.

      The problems of the past were created by the evil spirits of the
      smoke from the pot.  They are very tricky.  They can make you
      believe something that is not true, and forget the true parts.
      "Never argue with a demon, they have millions of years of experience
      and you are but a young man".  Get rid of the pot smoke, and the
      evil spirits will go away, and have very limited affect on your life.
      Run away from anyone using the pot smoke, the evil spirits are more
      active right now than we have ever seen, or heard of before.
      They will rake you over the coals, and destroy you, and yours.

      I LOVE both of you, and I can never be in youall's class of intel.,
      but I can see, and hear.

      All of us have very important jobs to do that is The Great One's
      Work.  All of us have been premature in our efforts because HE
      needed to season us to get ready.  A GREAT BLESSING, but it
      can be troublesome because we want to get it accomplished in our
      time, and not wait on The Great One's Time.

      The way current events are fulfilling Prophecy is at break neck speed,
      faster than we can keep up with it.  ALL of us must be clean of heart,
      mind, and soul to do what has to be done.

      Example:  A few days ago, a True Cherokee Brother accidentally (there
      is no such thing as an accident, it was meant to be) spit on our
      Israel Flag.  He immediately got up to wipe it off on his pristine clothing,
      and apologized.   There were a few witnesses.  NONE was offended, because
      we as Cherokee do a lot of spitting, and even spit into THE SACRED FIRE.
      99% of the, so called, know it all, Cherokee Indians would have pitched a fit,
      had some cleansing ceremonies, and acted like a bunch of idiots.
      We laughed, and celebrated!!!!  This very DEAR Cherokee Brother left
      his DNA on one of our most important artifacts, that we can keep forever!!!!
      WOW!!!!  What a Blessing!!!!

      Here, if someone drops an eagle feather, we do not stop everything and do a
      stupid ceremony, putting on a SHOW.  We Praise The Great One, pick it up,
      and go on our way.

      All of us need to rid ourselves of the White Man's bull sh_t, and BECOME
      the Real Cherokee Christian Jews that we are, and use our G_d Given
      Common Sense.

      I Hope, and Pray that you two, or three, will agree to take a worthless pipe,
      in the East, offer it to The Great One, and The 7 Sacred Directions, for
      Shalom, mail it West, make the Offering there, and bury it FOREVER, where it
      can never be found, or heard of again?

      Again, THE TRUTH!!!!  Blueotter LOVES Ben Yoseif more that Ben Yoseif can
      ever realize!!!!

      Shalom,   Gah gey you e,

      Sitting Owl

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      Sent: Mon, June 6, 2011 12:59:26 AM
      Subject: only the "Rod of Aaron" is spokesman for ben Yoseif

      O'siyo Cherokee Brothers and Sisters,

      I am writing to clarify that the only "spokesman" who is authorized to speak on my behalf and in my absence is my son, Aharon Mateho Griffin.  I have no control over what is done with the content of my website, www.torah-voice.org and I understand that another version of it has been pirated on Facebook within the past month.  But I do have copyright restrictions in place to ensure that certain writings are circulated in their entirety so nothing is taken out of context. 

      However, no one other than my son is authorized to be my "spokesman."  Anyone so representing me is a fraud and an imposter.  The following article will be posted shortly on my website.

      As your ambassador at large, I should also report, as explained below that contact has been made with the Star Nations and more messages are forthcoming.

      Gah geh you e,
      ben Yoseif

      Does MbY have a spokesman?
      Creator sends 'Rod of Aaron' to help run Eldersgate
      It is a privilege and an honor to announce that my son, Aaron Mateho Griffin, is now the long-awaited "rod" at my side and I am fast learning, I at his.
      His name means "the rod of Aaron," and is a name that neither of his EARTHLY parents chose. But we still count our personal responsibility to raise up a "rod of Aaron" as our greatest gift from Creator and greatest task. And I know his mother shares in my joy on this occasion.
      Aaron is taking a break from his pursuit of microbiology (having already completed all of the college level genetics courses) to pursue more spiritual venues and help me understand some of the DNA testing procedures and results.   More and more of the historical and cultural and archaeological clues in locating the House of Joseph are pointing to DNA for affirmation and it is a language I have not understood.
      So, he was here visiting me when the pre-1967 lines discussion erupted two weeks ago.  Since then, we have both been praying and seeking wisdom and trying to figure out first whether the judgment coming on the U.S. for tampering with the Birthright will claim our individual lives?; and if not, what course will the coming judgments take? and what should be our response? and preparation?
      Other events transpired -- including an imposter claiming to be my "spokesman" -- that made the obvious evident to us both.  I DID need a help and a spokesman and there was none better,  more qualified and more spiritually in tune with me and this work than my own son, Aharon Mateho.   And, for those who can hear it, my son has yet deeper revelations that give the House of Joseph's survival and fate a cosmic dimension.  And since we both believe in synergy ... what may result from this combination is yet to be seen.
      Aaron, 20, is the operations manager at Eldersgate American Indian Council, while he prepares for and pursues his own spiritual assignment, about which much more is forthcoming.

      Hisprior management experience includes 13 months managing a UPS Store and 13 months managing a toner and print cartridge recycling store, both in Boulder, Co.  He was graduated with honors from Pueblo's East High School in 2008, where he was the No. 1 seed on the golf team his senior year and represented his school in the team finals of the MESA (Mechanical Engineering Society of America) competition in Washington DC both in 1997 and 1998, placing second both years.  Although he was graduated No. 11 in his senior class of about 150, like his father he was not awarded a scholarship and must work his way through college. So he is in no rush to get through and takes periodic breaks when needed.

      Since he traveled with me when we earlier conducted Return of the House of Joseph seminars in the 1990s, Aaron has been familiar with the basic message since the age of about 9. He has been fluent in "sandbox" Hebrew since about the age of 3 and has Orthodox bar-mitzvah under the tutelage of Rabbi Abe Raich, z''l, of the United Hebrew Congregation in Pueblo, Co., which his mother and I also attended until after his bar-mitzvah. Rabbi Raich, before his death in 2006, was one of 13 rabbis in the United States whose conversions and bar-mitzvahs have been accepted by the Reishut Rabbonim in Jerusalem.  Rabbi Raich also assisted me with the draft of the petition to the Sanhedrin Court in 2003 seeking a status according to Halachah for the House of Joseph until the same imposter claiming to be my "spokesman" interfered in that process and aborted it.
      Growing up, I encouraged Aaron to find and pursue his passions, whether or not that was a traditional path but insisted from about age 3 that he spend the time in the trenches learning Torah week after week.  He sat at the table learning and sharing Torah with adults every Saturday afternoon through 7 Torah cycles until about age 10 1/2  (at that point, I felt he had mastered the P'shat level of Torah) and was turned over to the rabbi to prepare for his bar-mitzvah.  The passions I have seen sprout and evolve and develop, I believe as a result of this Torah foundation and the freedom and creative expression it breeds are music ... and ... Fasten your seatbelts! ... the Star Nations!
      He is a music prodigy who has taught himself to play 10 orchestra instruments plus jazz piano, keyboard, bass guitar and classic guitar (which he plays like a piano).  He played French horn in the orchestra at the University of Southern Colorado his senior year in high school.   His passion also has crossed his path with leader-entities from other galaxies, Star Nations, who have given Aaron messages it seems from a very young age.  One of his earliest fascinations was the Pleiades.  Creator used my young son to give me insights about the Pleiades that I later found mentioned in the Talmud!  Some of the messages he has received of late indicate that whatever is coming will be cosmic in nature and relate to "Disclosure."
      If I am understanding my now adult son correctly, and he will soon speak for himself, the Star Nations are telling him that they will not interfere in the affairs of humanity on Earth short of preventing the annihilation of the species.  If a nuclear holocaust occurs, certain people, (many who already know who they are) will be "taken" to preserve the human race.  But the Star Nations cannot "fix" the genetic imperfections in humanity that steer us toward aggression and violence and jealousy and hatred and prejudice -- all of these lower vibrations -- without an invitation to do so from the governments of the world or possibly a critical mass at the grass roots.  Aaron has produced a 50-page booklet, "Star Nations Would Like to Welcome Earth To The Future ..." and a website, "Starnations.info" for those interested in pursuing his message further.  I would encourage you to email him if you support his work, which I want everyone to know that I fully back and support because I fully back, support and trust my son's spiritual leadings and have since he was about 3 years old.
      When I am introduced to a new concept or idea or feel I may be headed in a different direction, I like to begin my pursuit with "meditative research." So, Aaron and I are dusting off the Zohar and studying and practicing Kabbalah together while we try to look inward at the roots of the hatred and prejudice and jealousy and the general low-vibration "House of Esau" behavior rising to the surface which would prevent an invitation.    It is a world that unless one can see "the reality beyond," one would not choose to endure. For the sake of the species, some must.
      For whatever reason, it appears that the Star Nations have sent a messenger -- or have given messages -- to my son.  And MbY and son are ready to hear those messages and do what is required of us to the extent Torah precepts are observed.

      Maggid ben Yoseif


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